Let's build a story!

The Secret Treasure

by Filip Perko, grade 6

This is a story about a secret treasure in the forest.

Mr Johnson was looking through his childhood album and saw a picture from the Misty Forest and he remembered a story from his childhood.

Once upon a time, Mr Johnson was playing in the forest with his friends: a girl called Emily, a bear called Ted, a squirrel called Peanut and a rabbit called Chipper. While they were playing in the forest, they saw unusual people cutting down the trees and destroying the forest. Ted the bear, Peanut the squirrel and Chipper the rabbit were really scared, because the forest wasn't just their playground - it was their home. With wood-cutting machines the unusual people were quickly destroying the forest.

The terrified Peanut the squirrel, Chipper the rabbit and Ted the bear quickly picked up their things and asked Mr Johnson and Emily for help.

Mr Johnson used his binoculars and saw Dr. Spike. Dr. Spike left a map on his table. The map looked like it led to some kind of treasure. The friends realized that Dr. Spike was actually a mad scientist who was using the people to destroy the forest in order to find the treasure.

Knowing why the people were destroying the forest, they came up with a plan - to scare the mad scientist away and to stop the people from destroying the forest.

The plan was to create a scary dragon that would frighten the scientist.

At midnight, they sneaked into the scientist's laboratory and saw him doing dangerous experiments that could end up destroying the whole forest. The friends created a shadow looking like a dragon and when the scientist saw the shadow he was so terrified that he fled the laboratory and was never seen again.

After Dr. Spike ran away, the people cutting down the forest stopped doing that and they were never seen again too.

The friends took a good look at the treasure map and saw that the treasure was actually on the spot where they used to play, so they decided to look for it.

They came to the spot and dug up the treasure, which was a big chest. When they opened the chest they were surprised to see that the treasure wasn't gold or something really valuable, in fact it was a chest full of toys. Mr Johnson then told them that he found a seed in the doctor's laboratory that could help the forest regrow. Feeling happy they saved the forest Ted the bear, Chipper the rabbit and Peanut the squirrel found a new home and played in the forest with their treasure and their friends.

mentor: Nikola Hodalj

OŠ Jelkovec