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Marko's failed experiment

by Marko Knežević, grade 6

Marko was born in 1973. in a town named Zumbul. He had blonde hair and brown eyes. When he was still very young he liked science and wanted to be a scientist. When he was growing up he met his four best friends: a girl Nikolina, a bear Pero, a rabbit Bani and a squirrel Kox. A group of five best friends went to the forest where they played football and lots of other games. When Marko was twelve, for the first time he invited his friend to come over to his house. Marko’s parents were very strict so they rarely allowed him to do what he wants. Marko and his friends wanted to go to the attic but Marko’s parents did not allow it. Marko was very smart and intelligent and so on one sunny day he and his friends went to the biggest hill in Zumbul and through his binoculars Marko looked into his attic and saw a laboratory and a strange box in it. The next day Marko’s parents went to buy groceries and Marko took the opportunity and called his friends to come over. They went straight to the attic and opened the strange box. The box was full of toys and strange costumes that belonged to Marko’s parents. Marko dressed up as a dragon, Nikolina as an Indian, Pero as a pirate, Bani as a knight and Kox as Batman. One day enemies came to Zumbul and wanted to destroy the forest where Marko and his friends played. Marko and his friends put on their costumes and scared the enemies. The next day they went to the forest but it was cut down and there were lots of machines. Pero, Bani and Kox needed to move out of the forest and they never got back. The only one left was Nikolina but she had to study for high school and after a few years have passed, she has also left Zumbul. Marko did not have any friends left so he focused on science. One day he tried to make a beauty potion that would create the prettiest girl in the world. The experiment failed because Marko accidently added vinegar instead of oil into the concoction and he created a monster that scared him. He used his best invention – a stormy light bulb that is able to kill any living being on Earth. He threw it at the monster and killed it. As Marko was a scientist he had lots of successful and unsuccessful experiments. For example, he invented a hair growing potion that ended up bad and Marko ended up bald. When he was younger he took pictures of himself and his friends. He likes to look at those pictures with a smile on his face.

mentor: Mateja Ištok

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