Let's build a story!

Five little heroes

by Josip Žalac, grade 5

Our adventure begins with five little heroes. They were in the forest playing hide and seek. One of them remembered that they forgot to bring a watch to know when to go home. So they turned around and went home to grab a watch, but when they come back to the forest, they were shocked. The whole forest was destroyed by someone or something. On the ground they found a map to a castle, so they made it their life goal to get to the castle and find someone to fix the forest. They had a long journey to get to the castle, but nothing and no one was going to stop them. On the way to the castle they found a house. It was getting dark and they were getting hungry and thirsty, so they had no choice but to enter. After they walked in the house, they found an album full of pictures. They did not see a person behind the door who came in the house just before them. It was an old man with a mustache and glasses. He showed our heroes the album and told them everything he knows about the castle and the plan to eradicate all the forests and replace them with machines. The old man showed them his chest filled with goodies. They suited up and got ready for the fight. They have walked approximately 19 miles and climbed 2 big mountains. They group had to take a break. The boy named Leroy looked through his binoculars and seemed really surprised. The girl wanted to see what Leroy saw. Irene looked through the binoculars just like Leroy and she saw a humongous castlle. Inside the castlle, Dr. Ciak developed the ultimate weapon to eradicate all the forests. He saw that someone was coming to the castle and so he quickly decided to hide the weapon in his pocket. Leroy and Irene saw him do that and tried to stop Dr. Ciak. They had a fierce battle, but in the end Leroy pulled out a smart move and took the weapon. After they defeated Dr. Ciak, they took the weapon and gave it to the old man who gave them the equipment. He was Dr. Ciak’s rival scientist. He took the weapon and fixed it. They went back home to restore all the trees in the forest. They can all play in the forest now. Dr. Ciak decided to stop his evil ways and help the old man with a big project in the coming future. Everyone was happy and they had a celebration party in the forest.

mentor: Mateja Ištok

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