Let's build a story!


by Katarina Magdić, grade 7

Late afternoon an old man Joe has found a photo album. When he cleaned the dust, he opened it and watched the photos from his youth. He recalled a lot of memories. One of them was an adventure that taught him many things. Back then, Joe has had a best friend Anna with whom he shared a teddy bear Josh, a bunny Mikey and a squirrel Lydia. One cloudy day, since they couldn't play outside, Anna and Joe went to Anna's attic and brought stuffed animals wuth them. The attic was in a mess and full of things, but Anna immediately noticed a chest. Curiosity didn't give her peace and Joe helped her to open it. While they were opening the chest, it blinded them. That was the moment their toys revived. It suprised them very much but they were also amazed in the same time. In the chest they had found a binocular. Curiosity didn't give them peace and they had to look through it. By looking through it, Joe, Anna, Mikey, Josh and Lydia have found themselves in a dark, cold and scary forest. Everybody were scared, but because they were all together, the fear was smaller. In the middle of the forest there was a castle. That was the castle of an evil wizard Brian. He was working on an evil project in which he wanted to take the animals from the forest. With his magic all the trees from the forest were cut down. The animals were left without their homes and had to move away. They witnessed the disappearance of the forest. When they have found out what Brian did, they decided to teach him a lesson. They put on costumes and appeared on Brian's window looking like a dragon. Brian was scared to death and ran away from the castle. The kids had fun, but also scared at the same time. After Brian's disappearance, the kids came in the castle and with some magical help tried to manage to get back all the trees to the forest. The animals also returned to their homes. Suddenly, the forest has revived and looked absolutely magical. That was the night when Joe has learned that true friendship and love can defeat every evil, dispel the fear and make unbelievable magic.

mentor: Matea Cipriš

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