Let's build a story!

Let's find the treasure

by Iva Tomić, grade 7

One day, a grandfather named Carl read the strip. There was a boy Joe, a girl Jessie, a bear Ted, a bunny Tott and a lily Lily. They were a cheerful group. One day, when they were out there, they found something weird. Joe decided to look through the binoculars. He saw a house. It was the home of a crazy scientist. They decided to look and study better, but they costumed themselves. The boy Joe was a dragon, the girl Jessi was an Indian, the bear Teddy was a pirate, the rabbit Totto was a knight, and fox Lily was a superhero. They came to the house of the scientist. The scientist got very scared. After the scientist realized that they were just masked children, he decided to discover a secret about the hidden treasure they decided to look for. He gave them a ticket and said they have to be very smart and skillful and that they would have a lot of obstacles in search, but he believed it will be great and easy to solve for them. They went on an adventure. After only a few meters they came to Lily's home. When they saw the scene they were waiting for, they were very surprised, but uncomfortable. The wood where Lily lived was destroyed, all the treses were cut down. Lily took her stuff and resumed her adventures with her friends, but she was still very sad. The fox decided to be strong and to move on. After a long journey, they found a crate. They took it out and when they opened it, they found a bunch of toys. After that, there was something magical that recovered the forest, gave children the joy, hope and play. The fox returned to her home as a bear. Rabbit stayed with Jessi and Joe. In the end, they were all happy and satisfied. Grandpa completed the strip.

mentor: Marina Kolobaric

OŠ Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić

Slavonski Brod