Let's build a story!

Childhood adventures

by Filip Andrić, grade 7

Our story begins with an old writer named Edward waking up after a long, well-deserved rest. His eyes still adjusting to the early morning Sun, he puts on his glasses and slippers. He gets out of his room making sure not to wake up his wife Marla. As he makes his tea he sits down in his chair he hears the beautiful, cheerful sounds of children playing outside in the Sun. Hearing those kids playing he thinks back to his childhood and all the wonderful moments of it. "Ahhh, the good old days! The thrilling adventures of childhood and its beauty", Edward thinks to himself while opening up his picture album.


(5. sličica) "Wait! This gives me an idea for a new book!", he said to himself. And so began the intense writing procedure. I wonder what he wrote... Wait I know what to do! I (The Narrator) shall find out and read it back to you! Here we go: It all began whit two kids, Marcus and Anna playing in the forest at the edge of the town with Phillip the Fox, Peter the Bear and Juan the Rabbit. Loving the fresh, spring breeze and the all the green around them, they were playing there day after day. "Ohh how I love the nature! It's so beautiful and green and... "Fantastic!!", Marcus interupts Anna and finishes her sentence. "I wish it could stay like this forever." "Me too." They both sigh in perfect harmony while looking each other in the eyes not noticing their hands touching. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/suma-nova23.jpg (9., posljednja sličica) Meanwhile on the eastern side of town something big was happening. Something that would change everything for Marcus and Anna. A brilliant German scientist Erik Zwanziger was working on a new light bulb that could run off of sawdust, with a kilogram of sawdust this light bulb could last for 2 years. "This could be my greatest invention yet! All I need is a good source of wood. But, where do I find it?Of course!! The forest at the edge of town would be perfect for that!" t"Brunhilda, hand me my coat. I'm going out." With that Zwanziger storms out of his laboratory and heads off to the City Hall. 6. sličica Ten minutes later Zwanziger comes into the City Hall meeting the mayor as he walks in. "You wanted to see me, Mr. Zwanziger?" "Yes sir." "What is it? Tell me." "I have been working on a light bulb that runs on sawdust. After I tested it, I found out what it's capable of and... I must say it is very unique and amazing. With only a kilogram of sawdust it could last for two years!" "That's amazing, but what do you need me for?" "To get the sawdust for it i need a good source of wood for it. So I was hoping you could give me a permit to chop down about 90% percent of the forest at the edge of town." "Do you think it will be worth it? That is a lot of wood." "I wouldn't come here if I wasn't sure. You know me better then that, Mr. mayor." "Fine then." Zwanziger ran out of the City Hall and ordered his men to start chopping the forest down. That forest was a home to many animals, including Phillip the Fox, Peter the Bear and Juan the Rabbit. "Run! Run! Run", Juan screamed as he saw the trees disappear one by one. "Get what you need and get out", said Peter as the machines got closer and closer! "Everyone evacuate before they come!",Phillip said in fear. Sound of animals crying in fear go through the woods alerting Marcus and Anna as they got closer to the woods. "What is happening?", Anna asked with fear in her voice. I don't know", Marcus said while animals were running out of the woods. Ten seconds later they see Juan with tears in his face running out of the woods. "What's going on?", Marcus asked Juan while looking at his frightened face. "The machines!!! They are destroying the trees and everything in sight!!" As he said that the last trees got cut down, destroying the woods. 1.sličica "What should we do now? We have nowhere to go!", Peter said with tears in his eyes. "Psst! Hey kids over here!". It's a strange tall woman with dark brown hair appears in the shadows. "My name is Brunhilda. I am dr. Erik Zwanziger's assistant. He is the one behind this", she said. "I know how to get your trees back!" "Tell us already!",Phillip shouted. "He has a device that can regrow plants and trees. All you need to do is to follow this map tomorrow. We will meet where X marks the spot at noon", Brunhilda said as she disappeared into the shadows. 3. sličica "I can't see her anywhere". Marcus said as he was looked down his binoculars. "Well look harder then!",Peter shouted. "Ok! Ok! Jeez.", Marcus sighed and keept looking. "Wait! I can see her. Come on guys!", said Peter. 4. sličica "In this chest are all things dr. Zwanziger is afraid of. Go to his laboratory on the other side of town. I will open it for you", she said. "Why are you helping us?", they asked. "My house was in the woods. He destroyed it with the rest of the woods. He didn't care about my house. So I quit my job as his asistant", Brunhilda said. "Sorry to hear that.",Anna said. "You will need to put on these costumes because they scare him.It's ok. And thank you!",Peter, Juan and Phillip said. "No wories." 8. sličica 7. sličica "Dr. Zwanziger!" our heros shouted. "Leave now. This is private property.", Zwanziger said. "We don't care! Give us back our woods." "Fiine, have it your way. Just get out. You frighten me with those costumes." "A grown, well respected man frightened by children in costumes, very disapointing.",Anna said as our heros were leaving the building. And that's how Edward's story finished. Thank you for reading! -The Narrator Opaska nastavnice: Poštovani, sistem mi nije dopuštao zalijepiti sličice pa sam upisala redne brojeve, nadam se da je to u redu. Unaprijed hvala na razumijevanju i srdačan pozdrav, Ana Perić

mentor: Ana Peric

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