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Dead Home

by Emilija Jurić, grade 5

The golden sunbeams weakly broke trough the crevices of the cave I was resting in. Fresh grass mixed with dew in the morning could be smelled in the air that peacefully filled my lungs, giving me a feeling of comfort and calmness. Tiredly, I opened my eyes while lifting my head up. It took me a few moments before I finally got up, stretching myself and showing my full length. A bright flash of light blinded my eyes when I stepped outside, quickly turning into a vision of the huge, green forest. I yawned, hesitating for a moment, before making my way to the sea that wasn't too far away. Small twigs that cracked under my paws made my ears flinch slightly. I found myself at the sea in no time, carefully sneaking to it's shore. A reflection in the transparent water instantly got my attention. My deep, blue eyes and my long sensitive snout gave me an unique beauty. A gentle, white spot brushed along my stomach, followed by the big, fluffy tail of mine. I crooked my head to the side as a deep thought came into my mind. There are those humans... and they call themselves 'hunters'. Those weird, complex beings never leave my mind. My good friend, the eagle, told me about them; how powerful and dangerous they are. He said that they appear when no being expects it. Once they catch sight of you, you can only hear a loud, high pitched sound, before you fall straight into your sure death. How can a creature be that powerful? How can those humans have such a power that takes a beings life without even touching it? Besides, the hunters don't even eat you in the place, like any carnivore would do. No, they walk over to you, take your lifeless body and take it somewhere. Somewhere where no one ever returns from. I shook my head terrified, snapping back to reality. Just as I was about to lower my head and reach out for the water, a loud and horrible sound from the distance made my whole body flinch in fear. The blood in my veins froze as a cold shiver trembled down my spine. I twisted my ears in attempt to recognize the sound. ...Silence. All I could hear was the fast beating of own heart. Then, all of sudden the sound repeated and lasted for some seconds more than the first time. I didn't waste a second to move my frozen body, jumping in long steps as I fast as I could. I had only one thing in my mind at the moment. I need to reach my cave. The place I found refuge in so many times; the place that I would never forget about. When it becomes dangerous, I instinctively run towards it. I was safe. I curled up to myself, leaning to the wall behind me. My breathing slowed down. What was making such a terrifying noice out there? I didn't know. My instinct told me to stay inside of the cave and not dare leave until it's safe. So I decided to listen to it. Could a fox's instinct be wrong, after all? My eyes slowly shut, resting in the darkness, while my whole being was still shocked and frightened. I didn't realize I was drifting off into a sleep. ... A sharp, metallic noice broke my sleep, getting my heart race faster. It was the same noice as before, just this time it was much closer. Panic took over my body. My bones felt weak while my muscles weren't able to move. The warning sound of the monster echoed trough the forest once again, making me decide already. I left the cave, catching sight of of something blurry in the distance. Since I was all scared and panicking, it had to calm myself down to use my excellent eyes. There were some two-legged creatures with huge machinery in their hands. The sharp teeth on the machinery touched a tree and stared to make the recognisable sound. Small pieces of the three flew off in every possible direction, making it lose more and more of it's filling, before the huge, wooden giant got crashed completely, hitting the surface with a cracky sound. My eyes widened as they caught a view of a hundred more destroyed trees, leaving only an empty and dead area behind it. Are those humans? And why are they destroying our forest?! First they take our lives, then our home! How is this fair?! I didn't realize I was staring in chock until I heard an voice speaking unrecognizable things. Just as the figure finished shouting, another one pointed a long, metallic object in my direction. The object let out a loud 'bang' making me run in awe and fear. My legs were taking me faster then ever before, all way trough the rest of the still alive forest. A green area revealed as I reached the end of it. My breathing was heavy while my body was still shaking. What now? Those humans decided to take our home. They simply kicked us out of it. Why is mother nature allowing this? I didn't understand the whole situation, I had mixed feelings; I was confused, sad, angry, desperate... Soon I found myself breaking down to the floor, curling up once again while silently sobbing. If my life has to end, then it'll end at my home. I'll stay here until my very last breath. My eyes squeezed shut. Now I only could catch the sound of silence and the death that was slowly taking over my lovely home. ... All I could do was stare. Stare at what the humans had done... The forest was completely dead and empty. Nothing was left; not a bush, not a tree, not one small blade of grass. All the beauty of my home is gone. It's all dead. Nothing except for burned wood could be smelled in the air. The different odors were nowhere to find. No sounds or mystical appearing this forest once hid. Everything was destroyed. "No..." I whispered to myself in disbelief. I took one last glance at my former home before forcing myself to turn around. I ran. I ran endlessly with no aim and without a path. I ran until I broke to the floor... Until I breathed out, handing my soul over to mother nature.

mentor: Suzana Cvitković Dragičević

OŠ Josipa Kozarca