Let's build a story!

Magical Dust

by Nesta Virt, grade 5

      One day long time ago an old man called Albert was cleaning the basement and found an old dirty box. In the box he found a dusty photo album of his childhood. He took the album and went upstairs to his living room. When he opened the album he started remembering his childhood. It was the time when he was playing with his friends: neighbour Ana, bear Teddy, squirrel Veronica and bunny Clint. They often played in a beautiful magical forest.

      Evil scientist Edison lived in the south of that beautiful magical forest. He hated the forest and all its animals and plants. He wanted to cut down all the trees for his evil experiments because the trees were magical and he needed their magical dust. Moreover, he wanted to banish all animals from the forest and destroy it completely.

      So, one day Edison started to cut magical trees for gold magical dust, but squirrel Veronica saw how his evil machines cut the trees. She took her things and ran to her friends for help to stop evil scientist Edison from further cutting their beautiful magical forest. Albert, squirrel Veronica, Ana, bear Teddy and bunny Clint ran to the forest and saw what evil scientist did with his machines to the forest. They decided to stop him destroying their forest.

     Suddenly, leaves formed a cyclone that scattered golden dust all around and out of nowhere a treasure map whirled to this friendly and brave crew. The treasure map fell on Albert’s head. They took the map realizing that it was the help for saving the forest and decided to find the treasure and stop evil scientist Edison. Their adventure started.

      Albert and his crew came to the spot marked on the map and they found a cave there. They decided to get inside the cave where they found an old dirty chest. They opened it and found magical weapons and armour. They took it and went to the evil scientist’s castle.

      When they came to the castle, they started to fight Edison with the weapons from the chest. They beat him and he ran away in panic. They also found and destroyed his evil machines, as well as his lab. The magical dust got back to the forest, and children took the weapons and armour and saved it for future generations of magical forest guardians.



mentor: Filomena Horvatić

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