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Grandpa's memories

by Kristina Jović, grade 5

Many years ago, an old grandfather named David wanted to remember his younger days. When he was little he worshiped meadows and forests. "I could take my granddaughter and grandson to my favorite meadow from the younger days," said Grandpa. Their grandfather called them over to his house. Francis and Philip went to the meadow with their grandfather, but there was a problem. The trees and grass were gone and nature was destroyed. The one responsible for this disaster was the evil scientist Peter abbreviated Z.Z. Grandpa did not like him because he knew what kind of person Z.Z. was. Z.Z. decided to cut all the trees so that he could sell them to get more money. He destroyed half of the city and most of the forest. Many people were against him and for this reason David organized a meeting with most of the city's residents. They found a map with Peter’s plan for destroying the meadow. They agreed to stop all the damage Peter was doing. David confronted Peter and in the end the problem was solved. A lot of years have passed since the incident with Z.Z. Francis had two children and took them to the meadow where their grandfather had led them many years ago. Maša and Luka were surprised to see something so beautiful. After the first time on the meadow, brother and sister worshiped to come to the meadow and they gained new friends. Their two best friends were Lara the bunny and John the bear. Every day they would play, run and pick flowers in the meadow. They would even look at the clouds and birds and other things in the distance with their binoculars. When Maša and Luka grew up, they found an old box with all kinds of mascots and toys. Even today, they remember their grandpa’s saying, "What can you learn from the tree? Stand upright and proud Never forget your roots Drink lots of water Accept your natural beauty Enjoy the view”

mentor: Maša Kulaš

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