Let's build a story!


by Franciska Goja, grade 5

In a laboratory along the river Wind lived a scientist called H-ick, named after his loud burping. He worked on his experiments day and night which left a big mark on his outer appearance. He had big bulging eyes, a big nose and a tousled head. He always wore a white coat and green gloves. He struck fear into the hearts of young and old. He decided to cut the trees from the Wise forest in order to get the energy needed for his latest invention. All sorts of animals lived in the Wise forest, including five little friends: Toto, Mimi, Vera the squirrel, Ferdo the bear and Cesar the rabbit. They loved playing in the forest during the day, and by night they would lie in the grass and gaze at the starry sky. The Wise forest meant everything to the five little friends. Nothing was more important to them than their home where they felt happy and safe. One day the fox saw their home being destroyed. The trees were all cut down and the Wise forest was soon to be gone. The next day the five little friends climbed on the highest hill in Wise forest and Toto brought his binoculars to see how much damage was done to their loving home. ‘’I cannot believe it’’ he said after taking a look through his binoculars. ‘’What? What is going on Toto?’’ asked Mimi. ‘’ Not only did they cut down all the trees but they even left pieces of paper and thrash behind. Unbelievable!’’ said Toto. Ferdo the bear asked Toto to have a look through his binoculars. ‘’I think it’s not just a piece of paper Toto’’ said Ferdo. ‘’I think it’s a map’’. Ferdo was right. It was a mysterious map who led straight to H-ick’s laboratory. Cesar and Vera suggested a quest in order to find the lab. Everyone agreed and they ran off to Mimi’s house, straight to the old, dusty attic. They found an old coffin filled with all sorts of props and costumes. ‘’Wow! Look at all this stuff!’’ said Cesar excitedly. Mimi wore a blue greek dress, an Indian wig and a black umbrella with a golden handle. Toto wore a dragon costume, a blue backpack and a broom. Vera dressed up as batman while Ferdo put on a pirate costume. And finally, Cesar dressed up as a medieval knight holding a toilet brush in his hand. After an hour and a half they arrived in front of the lab. They knocked on the door but the stubborn old H-ick didn’t want to open. ‘’Now he’ll get what he deserves!’’ cried the little friends. BOOM! KABOOM! BANG! POW! They formed a shadow in the form of a dragon and a mighty knight to scare H-ick. ‘’You shall leave this laboratory at once and you will never come back!’’ said the little friends in a gloomy voice. H-ick stormed out of his lab…and he never came back. ‘’And this is the end of the story’’ said grandpa to his grandchildren.

mentor: Maša Kulaš

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