Let's build a story!

Rescuing a Forest

by Mia Begić, grade 5



   We have put on our costumes pretending we were someone else and the owl laughed so hard she did not realize we passed by her.

 I am the squirrel Matilda. I had to leave my home, and I left in tears. I could not do anything about it. I need someone who can help me...

   When we came to my uncle, he was scared because he could not recognize anyone because of our costumes. But then he recognized us. We asked for help and he showed us his laboratory.

   My name is Luke and when I was 10 I had lots of friends, in fact some of my friends were animals. There was a forest with lots of trees and animal homes, then one day the machines came! They ruined the whole forest and left without reason. My friends - the animals, came to me in tears. I had to do something.

   And there he is, doing his inventions. The little cloud will hit the light bulb with the lightning bolt. Then we will put the light bulb in the ground where the animals used to live and the machines will disappear.

   Ben, the bear, found a hidden map in the box. We were on the spot that was marked with X and we had to find a way to the castle with the yellow train. But that was not that easy, the owl with yellow eyes was an obstacle. We had to make her laugh so we can go past her and go into the castle.

   We did it! The trees are back and there is fresh air again. The animals are so happy, they are dancing. We are so grateful that we have good uncle that helped us. We rather had a big adventure than gave up at the beginning.

   Now we just have to find someone who can help us. Mr Oz told us we can go to Luke's uncle. You have to admit, he is a little weird. What can you expect from a scientist? He lives in a castle far away. Luke is using binoculars so he can find a train. I think Ben the bear has a better idea.

    You can probably see new members of the group. The girl in the yellow shirt is Nora, the bear is Ben and the rabbit is Mr Oz. We are all looking for the equipment. There is a flag, a ball, wings and lots of toys. You are probably wondering why we need all these things, well I guess you are about to find out...

mentor: Dubravka Despot

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