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Happily ever after

by Ivona Dugina, grade 6

Happily ever after

It was 55 years ago. I was only 10. It was a summer afternoon and I was playing with Lisa, Po, Carly and Jake. And yes, Po, Carly and Jake are animals, Po is a bear, Carly is a chipmunk and Jake is a bunny. We decided to go explore the attic. We found an old chest and there were toys in it. At the bottom of the chest we found a map. It was interesting so we decided to go on an adventure. We wanted to get to the big X. We packed some food and water and started walking. When we got to a valley we saw something in the distance so we took our monocular and looked around. First we saw very happy kids playing in a magical forest. The forest was beautiful and the kids were so happy. But when we turned around, in the distance we a sad fox looking at his demolished forest with no trees. The fox was so sad, he had to find a new home because his was destroyed. He had no one, he was so sad and alone. Then we saw an evil scientist approaching the fox. He captured the fox and took it to his laboratory. We had to help the fox. We disguised ourselves and went to the laboratory. When we got there we saw the evil scientist doing experiments on the fox. He had a lot of needles. We decided to use our disguises to scare the evil scientist. He got really scared and he ran off. We saved the fox and took it to our house. We didn’t get to the end of the map but we made a new friend and that is more important than getting to the end of some map. I decided to give the old map I saved to my grandchildren so that maybe they can find out what’s at the end of the map. Or maybe they too will make a new friend just like we did. And so we never saw the evil scientist again, Lisa and I got married and had kids, and our kids had kids. And we all lived happily ever after.

mentor: martina petriško

OŠ Augusta Cesarca