Let's build a story!

The Map of Mystery

by Klara Topolovec, grade 5

Lizzie and Joey were a brother and a sister. They lived with their grandpa, a squirrel Nugget, a bunny Buddy and a bear Teddy on a flower field where they played and ran around the whole day. One hot summer day Lizzie and Joey were bored so they decided to take their binoculars and go around the town to find mysteries. They saw their grandpa looking at an album. In one of the photos their dad was wearing a silly costume. They asked their grandpa if he had kept the costumes. Grandpa told them to follow him to the attic. In the attic there were a lot of old and dusty things. Joey spotted and old map and he secretly took it. They saw a big chest too. Grandpa took a key out of his pocket and unlocked it. There were a lot of costumes in it. Lizzie, Joey, Nugget, Buddy and Teddy put on the costumes. They looked amazing! Joey showed Lizzie the map. They looked closer and saw an old, secret laboratory. They went around the town again and asked their neighbours if they knew anything about the map. First they asked Mr. Melon, but unfortunately, he didn't know anything about it. Then they asked uncle Ben. He didn't know anything either. Then they remembered Gertrude, the mysterious old lady. They decided to ask her about the map! Lizzie knocked on the door. Gertrude opened the door and greeted them nicely with some cookies and milk. They were talking for a little bit, then Gertrude asked why they came to visit her. They told her about the mysterious map. Gertrude laughed and explained them the whole story:

“There was an old scientist named Doctor McStanks. He was always very mysterious and full of plans. One day he got bored of the happy people and happy lands so he decided to make a thunder cloud which would destroy nature. He cast a spell on the world.  Everything was destroyed. The forests were without trees. It looked just like cranes cut them, which made all of the animals that lived there very sad. One day, a young boy decided to stop Doctor McStanks. He drew a map leading to his laboratory and decided to find him. It took him two days and two nights to get there, but he finally made it. He snuck in while Doctor McStanks was sleeping and he took his magic wand and broke it so it couldn't cast spells anymore. The young boy called the police. The police came and woke Doctor McStanks up. They arrested him thanks to the young  hero Mark.''

Lizzie and Joey thanked Gertrude and went back home. They wondered who Mark was, that mystery is yet to be discovered…

mentor: Irena Graovac

OŠ Vladimira Nazora