Let's build a story!

Joey's adventure

by Lara Berket, grade 6


                                          Joey's adventure

One sunny afternoon the old man Joey decided to clean his room. When he reached under the bed, he touched something that felt like a book. It was an album from his childhood with his oldest photos. He decided to look through it and he came across photos of his childhood adventures. He was surprised, but happy to see them again. Then, the book started to shake and move and it just swallowed Joey . He was trapped in there and couldn't get out untill he repeated all his advantures...


His adventures began where all the advantures begin-in his home. One day, his friends Molly,a bear Ted,a fox Lisa and a rabbit Amy played in his garden, when it started raining. They went straight to his house. Joey's mom wasn't home so they  were alone. They decided to be brave and go to Joey's old creppy attic. They found an old wooden chest full of old toys, a football, Wales flag, a plane and many others. After they digged further, they found an old map they didn't know anything about. When they turned it over, they found a note: "If you're reading this, that means the world is in great danger. There is a crazy scientist that is planning to ruin the world. His name is dr. Steppenhard and he is making a machine that will cause environmental chaos. This map leads to his castle. Please go there and stop him before it's too late... " Amy said: “ What are we supposed to do?“ Joey answered her question very quickly: “We are going to end this and stop him! “ And that's how the adventure began.

They went through the map, and recognised it as his village. They packed and were ready for the adventure of their lives. When Joey's dad came home, they told him: Dad, we need a favour. Please don't ask anything, just drive us following this white line. Dad was confused,but he did what Joey said. When they came to the woods, they were dissapointed. There were no trees left, everything was destroyed. They saw the dredges and Lisa remembered the time when she lost her home by deforestation and had to find another place to live. She started crying, but her friends cheered her up.While they tried to stop him, the scientist was closer to making an environmental chaos. He studied all the woods in the world and was finishing  his destroying machine so he could destroy them. He didn't know that someone was about to stop him.

 The kids looked at the map again, and saw a red X. They looked through the binoculars and saw a red sign on the ground. They started running towards it, untill they came there. It was another chest, this time with Halloween costumes, a broom and an umberella. They put them on. The boy chose the dragon costume, the girl the sun costume,the bear the pirate costume, the fox the bat costume and the rabbit chose the knight costume. The rabbit came up with an idea. She said that they should go to the scientist's castle, scare him and defeat him. They liked that idea, and went there. After a few hours of walking, they came to his castle and searched for his lab. When they found it, they hid behind the door and started forming a shape, because they wanted  him to get scared of their shadow. They formed a really scary shape, it looked like a dragon with weird wings and a long neck. They opened the door, and when the light came in, and the scientist saw their shadow, he fainted.

 They were happy because they stopped him, but they didn't like the fact that they made him faint. They called the boy's dad, and when he came there, they put the scientist in the car and went to the hospital. They were satisfied because it all ended well.       

 Joey was no longer trapped in his album because he relived his advantures.


mentor: Katarina Britvić Baran

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