Let's build a story!

Creature of the wood

by Dominik Pleše-Kopajtić, grade 7

This story is told by a man, a hunter, who decided to share his horrifying experience. This didn't happen only to him but to loads of people. He was one of the lucky ones.


The man himself – John McCarthy


One Saturday I went hunting for wild boar in the local wood area. Sun was about to vanish from the sky, so I took my flashlight. When I saw the first pack of boars it was already nighttime so I had to use the thermal scope on my rifle. I was quiet, judging which boar is legal to shoot, when I caught a glimpse of something behind a tree about 300 yards away from me. I ignored it, but something was wrong. I had a bad feeling. By that time the boar were gone without me even noticing. This shook me, but I assumed it was a coyote out there and scared the boar away, so I went on. That night I came home to my house destroyed and my dog dead. I reported this to the police dept, but they couldn't do anything. Next 10 days, 6 bodies of local hunters were found in the wood. They were all my friends. These events horrified the whole town. I still went hunting at night because I had to make money. I admit, I was afraid to go, but I had to make a living somehow.


– Friday, 11:20 PM –

I was looking at a boar, a big one, he could make me bunch of money, I thought. Again, in the background, a creature, some kind of non-earthly figure was standing, half covered by a tree. Now I looked without the scope, trying to adopt to the dark and once I did – there it was. A huge creature, only a shadow though, maybe 9 feet tall with bright eyes. I was terrified so I instinctively shot a bullet in that direction. The figure was now gone. I stood there, looking around, shaking like mad. Then, my fears came to reality – a distinct sound breaking the silence – branches breaking behind me. I lit my flashlight over the bushes – and there it was, a huge creature standing, looking at me with it's bright white eyes. Now it hit me, I need to run, as fast as I can. 200 feet of full sprinting and then I stopped – nothing. I rushed to my truck still out of breath. It was on the Internet – a hunter was murdered and ripped to pieces in the wood, one hour before my encounter, about 2 miles away from the spot where I saw it. At this point I could have been dead, so I thanked God and went to sleep. The worst event occurred on Saturday, 8 days later, but I will start from 11 in the morning that day. I was going to buy some beer, walk distance from my place. Now, the whole town was covered with signs warning people not to go to the wood. But that night, my crazy self went into the wood anyway. That night, I had such an eerie feeling, like I'm being watched or something. I was holding my gun, ready to shoot whatever it is. The creature left it's cover and ran towards me. I shot it, but it was pointless. The last thing I remember from that night was it's hairy arms grabbing me and putting it's claw through my chest. 

Now you tell your story Mr. Stalin.

mentor: Romana Vukelić

OŠ Bakar