Let's build a story!

One rainy night...

by Ivana Zagudajev, grade 8

  • One rainy night grandpa Henry took out his photo album and started remembering his childhood. He lived in a little house near a forest.


  • Every day he played in the forest with his sister Lucy and his friends Billy the Bear, Randy the Rabbit, and Shelly the Squirrel.


  • Everything was perfect but over the mountains in a castle lived an evil scientist. He hated children, animals and the forest.


  • So he wanted to cut down the forest and one day he did it. All the animals were really sad that night because they lost their homes.


  • In the morning Billy, Randy and Shelly went to Lucy and Henry’s house and told them what happened.They ran to the place where the forest used to be and saw that there were no trees. »Who would do such a terrible thing? «-Lucy said. »It was the evil scientist.«- Henry said. »You are right! He has never liked the forest or the animals. « –Randy said. »We have to stop him. « – Shelly said. »Yes, let`s do it! « – Billy said.


  • They all went back to the house and went to the attic. In the attic they found a big box. The box was full of toys and old Halloween costumes. When Henry saw the costumes he got an idea.


  • First they drew a map to know where they have to go.


  • Then they put on the costumes. Henry was a dragon, Lucy was an Indian, Billy was a pirate, Randy was a knight and Shelly was a bat squirrel. The idea was that they scare the evil scientist in the castle.


  • They started walking to the castle. They got there at 1.30 pm. They sneaked into his room and made a shadow that looked like a big, scary monster and started making loud noise. The evil scientist got really scared and ran out the castle. They have never seen him again.


mentor: Manuela Grabar

OŠ Jabukovac