Let's build a story!

Treasure hunt

by Iva Miculinić, grade 6

Peter sat down on a chair. He sighed and put his glasses on. Then he looked for his photo album. Every day he'd pick a picture and tell his grandchildren the story behind it."So, kids, do you want to hear today's story?“, he asked."Yes!“, the kids yelled. "Alright. Once upon a time...“

"Peter!“, said Mary in a pleading voice, "Let's play outside!“ "I can't, Mary! I need to do my homework!" "You can do it later!“ "Ugh. Fine." Peter and Mary went outside and played hide and seek. Mary hid deep in the forest, giggling and thinking how Peter would never find her. All of a sudden, she spotted a bunny. "Aw! Cutie!“ "My name is Fluffy.“, said the bunny, "And that is my friend Squeak.“ A squirrel jumped down on Mary's head. "Sorry!“, Squeak giggled. Mary jumped back in shock. "Y-you can talk?“ "Yes of course.“, said Fluffy. "Peter! Come here!“ Peter ran, following her voice. "Mary! Are you okay?" "Listen!“ "Hello. I'm Fluffy. And that is my friend Squeak.“ "Y-you... bunny... you can talk!“ he wondered. "Children can hear it because they're, well, children. They explore the world around them, and grown-ups just pass by, minding their own business.“, Fluffy explained. "Woah.“, said Peter, shocked, "Makes sense.“ There was a deep growl and Mary screamed. "Peter! What was that?“ "I...I don't...“ "Hide!“, Fluffy yelled. Suddenly, they heard a sad voice. "Why does everyone always run when they hear me?“ "It's a bear!“, Mary screamed. "I'm friendly!“, the bear said, "My name is Barry. I like to play!“ "Do you want to play with us?“, Mary asked. "Sure!“  After a while they got tired. They sat on the ground, laughing. Then Peter spotted something on the floor. "It's a piece of paper.“, he said. Mary, as curious as she was, picked it up. "Ooh! It's a map!“, Mary yelled. "Cool!“, said Peter. "Look! There's a cross, Peter, look!“, Mary said, excited, pointing at the cross. Peter's eyes glowed as he imagined himself bringing tons of gold to his poor family. "Let's go.“, he said. "We've never been on a real adventure, haven't we?“ "We're here, in this forest on the east. We can go a little bit further to the north, and follow the road, the cross isn't far from the train tracks... And the camp is near... Or we could go all the way north to the castle and then south... That path is marked, see?“ "Peter! This is dangerous! Don't you see the snake, all the way south? There must be snakes there! And what if the train comes?“ "Mary, we could get rich!“ Mary was excited about the adventure, too. They decided to go west, but they'll go north on their way back home. They got out of the forest and Peter took out the binoculars, focusing on the train tracks. "What can you see?“, Mary asked. "I see a train in the distance. We can still get over the tracks if we run! Hurry!“ The animals and Mary ran over the tracks with no problem. The train was almost there, Peter didn't have much time. He ran, and the train came. "No! Peter!“, yelled Mary. She started crying. The train passed. Then, they heard a voice from a nearby ditch. "Mary? Barry? Fluffy? Squeak? Mind helping me out a bit?“ Mary started crying again, though these were tears of joy. "I jumped as soon as I saw the train close to me and I landed in a ditch.“ He smiled. Mary couldn't help admiring her brother's courage. "Look! The forest..." The forest was deforested. All that was left were stumps. They walked a bit and saw it - the cross. Peter ran up to it, excited. "We'll need shovels. Of course, I, being myself, forgot.“ "No problem!“, Mary said, "We can just ask the campers if they would lend us one!“ "Great idea!“ Mary left and came back with two shovels. They dug and dug, it was almost sunset. "We should get back home!“, said Mary. "No, we're here now!“ Peter wanted to be the hero when they got back home. His shovel hit something solid. "Everyone! Look! Dig here!“ To everyone's surprise, what they found wasn't a treasure chest. "It's a trapdoor!“, Peter said and opened it. They entered the room. They saw the treasure chest. But what was in the chest was not gold. "Toys!“, Mary screamed with delight. Everyone was happy except for Peter. "Gold?! Where's the gold?“ "Peter, put on a costume, let's play!“ "Mary...“ He gave up and put on a costume. They played while going north. They saw a castle. "Can we just peek in? Please?“, Mary asked. "Sure, let's go!“ Barry said. Inside they played until they heard a voice. "Yeah. The forest is deforested. And once I let these deadly light bulbs out in the forest, nothing will stop me.“ He laughed like crazy. "Peter, we should go home! He's an evil scientist!“ "Didn't you hear him? Nothing will stop him. We have to destroy that bulb.“, Squeak said. "He deforested that forest! We have to stop him!“ Fluffy added. "Okay, fine.“, Peter said. They stepped on a trap. It lit them up and the scientist saw their shadows."Don't move!“ Fluffy and Squeak ran and pushed his light bulb on the floor. "You broke it! Years and years of work, and you -“ They didn't hear the rest because they ran for their lives.

"Wow, grandpa, amazing story!“ Peter sat back, satisfied. His kids liked the story. He had such a great time then... Now his grandchildren play with the treasure, well they play with the toys.

mentor: Ana Barković

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