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The Evil Dr Dude

by Marko Peranić, grade 6

This old man is looking at the old picture and remembering his good old days.

Why were those days good, you ask? I’m here to tell you that.


Once upon the time, there were 2 kids: Johnny and Ana. They had a bear, a squirrel and a bunny. They saw that the nature started to get destroyed.

“There must be someone or something who is responsible for this“, said Johnny.

“There must be some strange magic involved because the weather there is a bit strange“ said Ana.

“We got to stop this evil mess“, said the Bear madly. “My friend fox!”

“I see him, I hope he is ok“ said the squirrel watching through the binoculars.


They ran to their house and quickly packed themselves for the trip to the first suspect. Dr Dude! He is one of the smartest and the most evil villains of them all. He was not seen for the last 10 years.

„Who knows what could he do in that much time.“ says the Rabbit.


Johnny dressed up as a dragon. The dragon suit gave him power to fly and throw fire balls from his mouth. Ana dressed up as an Indian tribe chief. The Indian chief suit gave her powers to run fast as the wind and to be strong as a lion. The Bear dressed up as the pirate. The pirate suit gave him the powers to have extreme accuracy with the rifle that the Bear had and that he could summon a ship which could fly. The squirrel dressed up as batman. The bat suit gave him the powers to fly faster and teleport.The Bunny dressed up as the knight. The knight suit gave him power to summon a white horse and to have a flaming sword whose name was The Sword of Azaroth.


And so their journey began. First, they got to the Frosty forest. It’s known by its extreme coldness and the dangerous creatures that have been seen there. It was really dark there. The trees where tall as three houses! But there was something unusual. You could hear strange growling noises. There was this big tree in the centre of the forest. When they came close to the tree and something fell off. It was green and bumpy. The Bear came running because he was hungry and that looked like a pear to him. He put it in his mouth and it was hard as a rock. He spitted it on the floor and it turned out that the so called ‘pear’ was an innocent tree goblin. They hang off the tree and when they see their prey they jump and eat it. The pear looking form is a defensive mechanism if the predators are near. The Bear shot it few times and it did nothing. They heard a little voice coming from the goblin while he’s still in the pear form: “Please let me go, I'll do whatever you want, just let me go. I have a wife and 3 happy kids“ says the goblin.

„We will let you go if you tell us the way out“ said Johnny.

The goblin slowly turned into his normal form.

“Ok, now show us the way“ said Johnny.

“Ok, go forward for three or four miles and you will get out of the forest and you will face the big mountain, but be careful don’t go in, many people didn’t get out alive.“ said the goblin.So they got out of the forest and the goblin politely said goodbye.


They were passing the mountain but there were two red glowing eyes watching them. They ran to the fox’s home. It’s called The Mini Trees forest. It’s known for its small trees. They are the size of a rabbit and they won’t grow any higher. They saw the fox and ran to her. She was sad and lonely. She was upset because of the damage done to the forest. She told them that she saw dredges with some kind of names on them.

„It spelled Dr Dudi or Dudo I don’t know i was scared“ said the fox.

“I knew it that it was him“ shouted Ana.

They comforted the fox and they resumed the trip.


They got to the front gate of Dr Dude’s castle. The gate was locked. The only way to come in was to destroy it. They sent the Squirrel to look inside the castle through the castle window and Johnny destroyed the gate with his fire ball. They quickly ran, found and opened Dr Dude’s door. He was holding the Great Light bulb. It was the energy source which was causing the weather changing and the grass slowly disappearing because of the acid rain. “With this bulb I can control weather and I shall destroy all the humans except me, hahahahah!“ shouted Dr Dude loudly.


The squirrel quickly grabbed the bulb and threw it on to the floor.

“It broke, it can’t be possible, no no no noooooo!“ Dr Dude shouted.

Later, Dr Dude was sent to prison for 20 years.


And the old man who was looking at the old pictures - it was Johnny.

mentor: Tea Baric

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