Let's build a story!

The Dragon on the Wall

by Marta Smokrović, grade 8

One day, an old man, who lived alone for many years, opened a photo album with his childhood memories. In the album he saw his old friends and started remembering all the adventures they went through together.

Long time ago they were playing together all day long, always inventing new games and searching for the new adventures. The five of them; a boy, a girl,a bear, a rabbit and a squirrel,  were inseparable. They loved running around the woods, singing their favourite songs, not caring about a single thing in the world.

Unfortunately, their happiness didn't last long. There was a mad scientist who tried to ruin everything. He would spend days, weeks, months and even years in his lab doing crazy and dangerous experiments.

The mad scientist decided to cut down their beautiful forest and use the trees as  a source of energy for his experiments. All the wild animals had to leave their homes to save their lives.

When the children saw that, they knew they had to to something to protect the forest and its inhabitants. They got really angry and started thinking of the ways to rescue their place of joy and happiness.

The fortune was on their side and they found a map that led to burried treasure, so they went in search of it.They searched the forest and finally found it. It was an old chest.

Once they found the chest , they opened it with excitement.In the chest there were a lots of toys and costumes. A  heaven for children! The only thing left to do was to make the plan...

When they put their little minds together, they found a way of how they were going to get rid ofthe mad scientist. With all the costumes and toys they found in the chest the children made a big dragon to scare away the man who wanted to destroy their world.

They came to the lab window and formed a shape of a big dragon that appeared as a shadow on the wall. When the mad scientist saw it, he got so scared that he ran away and nobody saw him ever again. The children completed their mission of rescuing the forest and lived a happy long life along with their animal friends.

mentor: Sanja Babić Majerović

OŠ Galovac