Let's build a story!

Saving Mr Fox

by Robert Ivanišević, grade 5

An old man is looking at the pictures from his childhood. He is remembering old and good moments. Now he is looking at the pictures when he and his friends were playing a fun game but they suddenly started helping one sad fox.

One evil scientist was practising black magic. He wasn't even a scientist. He was a warlock pretending to be a scientist.

Eric is having fun with his friends.They are dancing and telling jokes, but they suddenly get bored.

Eric and his best friends were bored and they were looking for something to do.They were bored because they didn't know what to do for fun.

They found something. It was a box full of toys. They knew what they needed to do then.

One fox was sad because the humans had cut down its home - they cut down the whole forest. He was homeless and depressed.

Immediately after that, they were in strange mixed costumes and they were planning to save the fox's home and found a weird map.

They were following this map to get to the evil and smart warlock who was pretending to be a scientist and who could use his black magic to save the forest. "Let's go!" they said.

They found the evil and smart warlock and suprised him with their costumes.They said that if he didn't help them with his magic to save the fox they would tell everyone about his secret and real identity so he used his powers to save the forest and the fox. 



mentor: Mia Šavrljuga

OŠ Alojzija Stepinca