Let's build a story!

The Last Piece

by Luka Jurić, grade 6

One day the kids were playing in the forest with their animal friends. They were bored so they went back home. They were searching through their old toys and they found a map. They thought it was a toy map or a movie prop, but they were wrong. There was an old crazy scientist and he was making a flying dragon that could shoot fireballs to defeat his enemies. He was missing the last piece of the dragon. The last piece was hidden somewhere in the forest. That map that the kids found was the map to the final piece. The mad scientist took down the whole forest. All the animals were really sad because their home was destroyed. The crazy scientist was digging holes all through the forest but he couldn’t find the last piece. The kids were really curious so they followed the map to the marked location. When they got there they saw that all the trees were gone. They were scared but they asked the workers what was going on and showed the map to them. The workers said that they are searching for the last piece of the flying dragon and when they saw the map they started digging at the marked X on the map. When the workers found the last piece they showed it to the crazy scientist. He was really happy. When the scientist finished building the flying dragon, he attacked his enemies. He won the battle and asked the kids if they want money or candy or toys. They said, "We don't want anything.” The scientist was really surprised and he thanked the kids. The kids went home and told their parents the whole story. Everybody laughed and they all went to sleep.

mentor: Petra Radošević

OŠ Šćitarjevo

Velika Gorica