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The Treasure

by Melani Grahovec, grade 5

I still remember like it was yesterday. I was just like Anja and Ivan. Just like Ivan, I liked to explore the world. On the other hand, Anja liked games like "hide and seek" and "tag". I'll go get my photo album, maybe some memories and recollections return. Ha ha ha, on this photo I was watching bacteria on my microscope. I thought I had superpowers, that is, enchanced vision. And here, on this photo is my cat, Garfield. He was my only friend growing up. Everyone thought I was crazy. Before my father died, he left me a treasure map. Unfortunately, I have never found it. My brother Trevor has invented 103 different machines just to find the treasure. After few years he gave up. But I will be persistent. After all these years I am losing hope, but I won't give up. That is my habit since my childhood. When I was little, I loved to play football. And we never gave up. Ooops. A treasure map just fell out of my photo album. That's the map my father left me.

I loved going camping when I was younger and I still do. That's why I will invite children over for the weekend. When they arrive we will go camping. I need a little break from the treasure hunting. We will raise the tent and have a sleepover. I will give the map to the children so they can have fun with it and I will take photos for my old album. I need six more photos. There are four ways for us to go camping. We can go by car, train, ship or by bikes. If we go by car, we will have to hike. If we go by train, we won't have to do anything but that is boring. If we go by ship we will have to pass by Mediterranean anaconda. That gives me the creeps. And if we go by bikes, we will pass by forest stumps. Can't wait to see them.

Here they are. They arrived. They said that they were playing in the woods with a bear named Bero, a squirrel named Verica and a rabbit named Pavel. They found the forest and playing in there is very entertaining. Bero the bear is very strong and he loves to eat. Verica is very fast and curios. You could say about Pavel that he is very funny and silly. They will join us so we could have more fun. Children couldn't decide which means of transport to choose for our trip so we wrote them on the pieces of paper and pulled them out of a hat. Boat, it is! But that means that Verica will have to go on foot because she has a sea sickness. Nevermind, she is fast. While I go and buy tickets, children will be playing. Oh no, I left my wallet in Trevor's room. He was doing an experiment. It's ok, I need my lamp anyway.  That's the only way we can scare the Mediterranean anaconda away. "Ding-dong!", they probably don't hear. I'll take the key. “Children! Hey you, little rascals!” They put on their costumes and scared Trevor. Ivan is dressed as a dragon. It's his last year's costume.

Anja's Indian costume was mine, many years ago. And that's Trevor's umbrella. And Verica, ha ha ha, she's wearing my old sock. She looks like Batman. Bero is dressed in my father's ancient shirt and some straps. And he used colander as a sword. Wait till you see Pavel. He is wearing my toy soldier's armor and a helmet. And he used toilet brush as a sword. I can't believe it. Ah... Trevor is about to invent a light bulb that never stops shining. We could call him Nikola Tesla. But let him be Trevor, for now. So, I need my wallet and binoculars. I think that light bulb is finished. We can go now. And this light bulb is invention number 104, made for treasure hunting. “We have to hurry, we can't miss the boat!” Children are still playing in their costumes, except Verica. She went through the forest. We made it to the boat and started our trip.

Children and I will play pirates. What?! We already arrived. It's ok, we'll play later. Look, there's Verica the squirrel, but she's crying. She says they want to demolish the forest and her home. That's not fair.

We will stop them even if we have to walk to the forest. If kids were able to scare Trevor, they can scare forest destroyers. We'll take the train to the forest. Anja is very happy because it is her first train ride this year. We are on our way, and Verica is still crying. We already arrived, these trains travel at the speed of light. One of these trucks or dredges destroyed Verica's home. Let's scare them. “Boo! Boooo! It's working! Ivan, give me my binoculars so I can see if they left. Hmmm... Oh my God, my eyes finally see the treasure. Ivan, look!” One of the dredges partially dug up the treasure chest. “Hey guys, have a look. We have to dig it up as quickly as we can.” I've been waiting for years to see what's inside.

Well done kids, you dig it out. And now you have the honour of opening it. Wooooow, inside are all the toys I ever wanted when I was a child. Now Anja and Ivan will get them. They deserve them after everything. And that little black box at the bottom of the trunk is mine and Trevor's heritage. Father's watch and compass he used while travelling  around the world. This wasn't a futile search. It was worth it. But true family values are burried in our hearts. And that's the real treasure!

mentor: Tea Horvatić

OŠ Strahoninec