Let's build a story!

An Evil Story with a Happy End

by Vito Vlašić, grade 5

Once upon a time in a big land called Cocoland, there lived a little boy called Georgie. He loved stories, especially fairy tales. Every evening before going to bed, he asked his mum to read him a story. One evening his mum read him a new story. She started like this: "Once in the past behind seven hills and seven seas, there was a big forest where lived a fox. One day big machines came in the forest and cut down all the trees. Those were the machines of an evil scientist who was going to build his laboratory there. One night, the scientist was experimenting and he made a potion which destroyed the forest.

In a little village thousand miles away from the forest, there lived a brother and a sister who heard of that story from their grandfather because he used to read them a book. The children had a bear, a rabbit and a squirrel. They were all very sad and angry because of the story. They decided to go on a trip to liberate the sad forest.

They went on a journey behind five hills and five seas. Finally, in a spooky jungle they found a cottage. They opened the door and they saw a magic chest. They opened the chest and found many cool things. They found a map of Forestland and some funny clothes. They disguised themselves and went back on the road.

After another six days, they found themselves in the middle of scientist's laboratory and captured him in the dungeon. In the end, they liberated the forest and it was green as before. Everyone was so happy."

Mum said: "Nighty night, my dear.“ Georgie was asleep...

mentor: Irena Graovac

OŠ Vladimira Nazora