Let's build a story!

Fortnite Obsession

by Teo Šuško, grade 5

One old man is telling his magic story to his grandchildren. It is a story about a crazy scientist. He says to them...

One old scientist has an idea. "He is so fantastic", he thinks.

He wants to destroy this green forest. Destroy everything. "Trees, grass will be removed", he thinks." There will be a factory one day", he says.

He makes a great plan. He has paid great attention to this plan. The plan is great.

The scientist creates a big monster. The monster will help him destroy the forest. The monster will build a factory for him. He is so proud of his ugly monster. The monster's name is Molly.

One group sees him. They see his plan and they decide to stop him and his ugly green and red monster Molly. They put a launch pad on a hill. They are flying so fast on those gliders.

They all go to the boy's housew to open a chest. They want to stop the ugly scientist. The boy has got a golden assault rifle. The girl has got a sniper. The big, brown bear gets a pickaxe and the white rabbit gets wings.

In the chest they find some outfits and then they come to the green forest and wait for the crazy scientist and his monster Molly. The scientist and his ugly monster Molly are coming. "We can defeat them. Let's go!!!!"

The group of friends is destroyed by the scientist and Molly. The forest is destroyed. The factory is starting to be built. The poor animals have to go far away. The animals are very, very, very sad.


                                           THE END 

mentor: Mia Šavrljuga

OŠ Alojzija Stepinca