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Going back

by Tonka Bogović, grade 7

A long time ago, in a small town called Philsborough, lived a scientist. He never left his house because he could invent everything he needed. But he still wanted more. He wanted new childhood memories and for that he would have to go back in time and nobody can do that, right? However, the scientist was a special man. He made a small time machine that looked like a light bulb. So he turned the bottom part of the light bulb twice and felt a strong wind blowing into his face. Everything went black. The next thing he remembered, he was lying in the grass and a pair of light blue eyes was staring at him. Suddenly, he heard himself speaking in a boy’s voice. He realised it was him, a child again. He did it – he went back in time.

‘Where am I?’ he asked.

‘You are in an enchanted forest. It’s beautiful, isn't it? What's your name? I'm Lucy, nice to meet you,’ the girl helped him up. She had short black hair and she wasn't very tall.

‘I'm Damien,’ said the scientist. People usually referred to him as the scientist and nothing more so he wasn't used to people calling him by his name.

‘Listen, Damien,’ Lucy said, ‘we need your help. They are cutting down enchanted forests and they are on their way to this one as we speak!’

‘Then we have to get away from here,’ Damien grabbed Lucy's arm.

‘No! Don't you understand, we have to warn the animals, come on!’ Lucy pulled Damien deeper into the forest. They ran as fast as they could and warned all the animals. Some of them ran away while some decided to stay with Lucy and Damien. And so the kids continued their adventure with a bear, a squirrel and a rabbit. The animals wanted to find another forest to live in so they all started their search. But, that was easier said than done. People had already cut down many forests and it was difficult to find an unspoilt one. They were wandering around for days and were already starting to lose hope when they found an abandoned house. They went inside and found a big wooden chest. Inside the chest there were many toys and costumes. They all needed a break from all the searching so they put on the costumes, took some toys and went out to play. As a thank you note, Damien left a map that would lead its finder to the place where he was later going to leave the time machine.

They played in their costumes not thinking about anything. While Damien was dancing with Lucy, he saw the rabbit running to the other side of the house. He was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice he stopped dancing.

‘What’s wrong?’ Lucy asked.

‘I think I saw something, come on.’ Damien took Lucy’s hand and together they went to the other side of the house. When they saw what was behind the house, they stood speechless. In front of them was a huge enchanted forest. The bear and the squirrel, which followed them, ran into the forest laughing. Lucy hugged Damien.

‘We did it! We actually did it!’

Then both of them went inside the house, letting the animals enjoy their new home. Lucy sat on the chest with a big smile on her face. ‘Now the animals can live in the forest and you and I can live here, in this house!’

‘Actually, Lucy,’ Damien looked away, ‘I have to go home. I came from the future with a time machine.’

Lucy’s eyes filled with tears. ‘But I thought that we are going to live here, together, with the animals.’

Damien sat next to her. ‘I really wish we could, Lucy, I really wish we could.’

Damien didn’t want to leave her, but he had to go back. His mission in the past was completed. After saying goodbye to all his new friends, Damien went back to his old life as a scientist. He felt lonely, now more than ever. He missed Lucy, the way she laughed, talked, danced…He was deeply sad.

One day, just as the clock struck half past one, the door of the scientist’s house opened. A lady went inside the house – it was Lucy! He was so shocked that he froze. Behind her were the bear, the squirrel and the rabbit from the past. Damien was very happy. He could finally have a family and stop being lonely! Lucy ran to him. Damien saw tears in her eyes. She was crying from how happy she was. They hugged, just like they used to when they were kids.

‘How did you get here?’ asked Damien.

‘One day, while I was cleaning the chest, I found a map, your map. So I followed it, found the time machine and came here, to you!’

They started a family, and people began to accept the scientist because he became kinder and caring. He loved his new life; he loved Lucy and their animal friends. To make them live longer, he brewed a potion of long living so they would never leave them.

Many years later, Damien was turning over the pages of his photo album, looking at the memories that he made when he went back to the past. He looked at Lucy who was playing with the animals. They were laughing and throwing toys all over the room. At that moment, Damien realised how lucky and happy he was in his new life, as a scientist, a husband and a friend.


mentor: Bojana Palijan

OŠ Ivana Zajca