Let's build a story!

The Magic Story

by Sara Gičev, grade 5

My grandfather is a real explorer and an adventurer. One day he decided to find some mysterious place and the treasure that was hidden there. He was gone for a long time and one day he returned with a treasure chest. My whole family was really happy and in the evening we celebrated. After that, he started to read a lot of books about history and legends. One day he started to write books for children about different legends. This is the story that he wrote for me. (I love my grandfather so much.)

One day there was a little boy named Leon. He had a little sister and her name was Mary. They were not like other children. They had strange friends. Fred was a bear, Pete was a rabbit and Martha was a squirrel. They were spending all of their time in the Valley of Trees which was a beautiful valley with a lot of trees.

It was a windy night. Leon and his friends were playing hide and seek. Before they all found a hiding place, Leon saw a piece of paper. When he looked closer he saw that it was a map. The Valley of Trees was on it. When he flipped it he saw a signature. It was Albert Einstein’s. Everyone knew who he was. Leon and his friends were surprised and scared at the same time. They all decided to go home.

The next day was Halloween. They all wore funny costumes. Leon was a dragon with a broom, Mary was an Indian girl with an umbrella, Martha was some kind of a ninja, Fred was a pirate and Pete was a knight. All of a sudden the broom started to speak: “Free me, free me!” They were all confused. Moments later they all had a vision of a fox crying because humans destroyed his home. When they opened their eyes they were standing in front of a little house. They knocked on the door and a strange scientist opened it. It was Albert Einstein. He told them not to go and that he had something to tell them. He told them the story about how he was attacked by the sea monster who was looking for toys. They made a deal with Einstein. They would go and find the monster and he had to fix the destroyed forest.  

The next day they went on an adventure to find the sea monster and the chest full of toys. As they were rowing towards the island the sea became very dark. All of a sudden a big monster appeared in front of them. They started to scream and row faster. The monster was very calm and he started to explain that he just wants to play with toys and find new friends. They were happy to hear that. They went to the island together and they found a big chest full of toys. They were all happy in the end. They found new toys, made new friends and new trees were planted in the Valley of Trees. 

mentor: Helena Gustović Ljubić

I. OŠ Bjelovar