Let's build a story!

The Magical Forest

by Vice Patrle, grade 6

One day an old man looked at his photo album. He was bringing to memory the days when he was young. He played soccer, swam under the bridge, sat on a swing and spent his days in happiness.

He had a lot of friends to play with.His friends were: a girl named Sally, a squirrel Squeeky, a rabbit Hoopy and a bear Grizly. They all played in the Magical Forest where it was always sunny and never too cold or too hot. It was just perfect.

But in the Magical Forest not everything was perfect. Next to it there were  the Haunted Hills. On the highest hill there was a castle of a mad scientist. His name was Bob. He was banished from the village because he was evil. In his castle he was spent days doing experiments. One day he finally figured out how to control the Time and decided to  take revenge against the villagers. But,  between him and his revenge there stood the Magical Forest where he couldn't control the time. He decided to get rid of it.

One day, while children and animals were playing int the woods, they saw a cottage. They went in and saw a chest that was standing right in the middle of it. In that chest there were toys and various costumes. Children didn't know that also those costumes  were a part of the mad scientist's plan.

The children picked up their favourite costumes. Bill was the old wise dragon, Sally was an Indian, Grizly was the nicest pirate of the Seven seas, Hoppy was a  prince and Squeeky was Batman. Dressed like that they went back to the woods.But, while they were playing in the cottage, Bob was doing something very wrong.

When they came to the woods, they saw something horrible. There were huge dredgers cutting down  the trees. It was Bob's plan.If he could get rid of the woods, he would also be able to control the time and finally get his revenge. Animals were scared and children were angry. They decided to fight for their friends.

When the dredgers went away, the children saw a map under some tree branches. The map led to Bob's castle. They took their bikes and went through the Magical Forest and around the Haunted Hills to get to the mad scientist's castle.Their journey lasted for 37 days. Strange things were happening to them during that time, but the hardest part of their way was going through the Haunted Hills. One day Bill could finally see Bob's castle with his binoculars. The friends said to each other: "It's time to get our forest back, and nothing can stop us now!"

The children and animals put on their costumes to scare Bob. When they found him, they said :"We came here to negotiate. We will leave your castle if you make a potion that will make the Magical Forest grow again and you have to leave the villagers alone!" Bob was so terrified that he immediately said :"YES!!!"  And everything was back to normal again. The forest grew again. The children played with their animal friends. And Bob? Bob is still alone in his castle, probably making some new plans on how to destroy the world.


mentor: Sanja Babić Majerović

OŠ Galovac