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A Random Disaster in Randomnia

by Tasha Matejaš, grade 6

In the far far land of Randomnia lived a blue-eyed boy named Roman and a brown-eyed girl named Lauren. They had three pets: a bear named Bearbear, a squirrel named JJ and a bunny named Bunbun.

‘Their names are pretty strange,’ someone said, because all the other boys were called Billy and all the other girls were called Sarah.

‘The animals are pretty strange too’: said someone else, because everyone else had a dog or a cat. However, something about the pets was special. They could talk.

One day they went on a walk that will ultimately change their lives.

As they were walking, they saw a forest. Roman looked through his binoculars, and saw something beautiful. It was the long lost Magical Forest of Randomnia.

Every night they would sneak out and gather near the forest and play for hours. But one night, behind the forest, a man whose name was Dr Same, who lived in a bunker, was so angry at the crew that he made a plan so horrible that the crew will never want to come back ever again. He wanted to build a rocket so powerful that it will make all the animals turn against humans. In that way he could get rid of all Randomians and have some peace. All he needed to do is to call his brother the lumberjack. So he called and scheduled for tomorrow at 4 o’clock. The hours went on and on … until the lumberjack finally came and cut down the trees. He paid his brother and went in his lab to make the magical potion that he will put inside the rocket. While he was in his lab, and as the sunset went down, the crew met up. And as they walked to the forest they saw that there was no forest.

‘What kind of magic is this?’ asked Roman.

‘It was here yesterday!’

‘You’re right, what happened?’ said Lauren already annoyed.

Then a fox came up to them and told them what happened. They were so angry.

‘No! We must stay cool-headed,’ said Lauren.

‘But how are we going to do that?’ said Bunbun.

‘First we must go back and find some armour and weapons,’ said JJ.

‘But not the real ones,’ Lauren said quietly.

‘Why are you whispering?’ said Roman also whispering.

Lauren and Bunbun looked around to see if someone was there. There was someone. It was Dr Same. The crew ran in fear and ran all the way back to the land of Randomnia. They went to Roman’s house, entered his room and locked the door. They felt safe.

‘Now do you see why I was whispering?’ said Lauren.

‘Yes, I do,’ said Roman.

‘Who was that, and what was all that?’ said Bunbun.

‘I don’t know, but we will make him pay for what he did,’ said Bearbear.

They all looked at each other, then at the big chest full of toys and armour.

‘Dig in!’ said JJ.

They found so much stuff including three costumes for the animals, one costume for Roman but with a broom, and a dress, an umbrella and a hat for Lauren. So the crew went through a mountain, into the woods, near a bike until they reached their destination. They were so thrilled that they rushed in without even thinking. When they realized…

‘Where is Dr Same?’ said Lauren.

‘Ooh my god! We missed him!’ said Roman.

‘How could that be? We followed every instruction!’ said JJ.

‘We missed him… but how?’ said again JJ.

‘I know where he is… how could we miss that?’ said Bunbun.

‘He is in that house, near the mountain!’ he slowly said.

‘Oh! Then we must hurry! Follow me!’ said Lauren bravely.

They went back to the beginning and looked for the house. But there wasn’t a house anywhere nearby. They went further back and they saw something in the distance. It was the house. They ran to it and just as they were about to open the door Bearbear said, ‘Stop! Do you even have a plan how to stop him?’

‘Umm.... Yes, I do. So, we... we are going to…,’ stuttered Roman.

‘I don’t have a plan,’ he said loudly.

‘No worries! We just have to think of a plan, get inside and scare him,’ said Lauren.

‘How? I wish I was big and scary, so that I can scare him,’ said Bunbun.

‘That’s it! We will form a big animal-like-creature and we will scare him away!’ said Roman so thrilled that he finally had a plan.

‘OK, that is pretty brilliant! But, one question; how?’ asked JJ confused.

“Easy! After that we’ll use the magical potion to grow all the trees back in the magical forest and that’s pretty much it,’ said Roman passionately.

‘All right! Let’s go!’ said Bunbun.

They opened the door and they caught Dr Same. He was just about to put the potion into the rocket. But they got to him, tied him up with rope, which was in his lab, and took the potion. But, before they left, they called the police and said that he needs to be arrested for harming nature.

And so years went on and Roman grew older as well as Lauren. They ended up getting married and having two beautiful children and a cat. They were still going to the forest, of course, because that’s the place he proposed to her. Today he loves looking back at that time of his life. He even buys special candy that she gave to him on their first anniversary. Dr Same is still in prison. And they lived happily ever after.

mentor: Petra Radošević

OŠ Šćitarjevo