Let's build a story!

The Treasure Hunt

by Lara Šavora, grade 6

Once upon a time, in a little village, lived five friends: Lisa the girl, Tanner the boy, Coco the bear, Kiki the rabbit and Lauren the squirrel. They all lived near the forest called Silverwoods. Whenever they met, they always went to the forest and played hide and seek. It was their favorite place to play in but there was one problem: It was a home to many endangered animal species. Their mothers always told them that they shouldn't play there but they didn't listen. They really liked treasure hunting, so they created a committee called the Treasure Hunting committee or THC for short. Every Saturday they had a meeting and talked about all the adventures they had the past week.                                                                                                                   

 One Saturday meeting, everyone came except Lauren. They decided to look for her. They had to come back in an hour. The time went by, and everyone came back except Kiki. They waited for fifteen minutes, and then decided to go to Silverwoods to search for him. So they went to Silverwoods and after some time they saw Kiki and Lauren sitting and looking at something. They were very excited but also very confused: "What are they looking at?”, Coco said. Lauren stood up and explained what happened: Silverwoods was a shortcut to her house, so she decided to go the quickest way possible. On her way, she found a map. Was it leading to some kind of treasure?, they weren't sure.” Let's follow it!'', Lisa said. Everyone agreed, and they started the treasure hunt. They followed the map for two hours and saw a pirate cove, Indians and abandoned houses. The map led them to a mysterious building. “Should we go in? It looks scary.” Tanner said. “Maybe someone in there can help us find the treasure!”, said Kiki. They decided to go in.  The moment they stepped into the building, the door closed behind them, and the light turned on. ” What's happening? Are we trapped?'', Kiki said in fear. “I...I think so.”, Coco said, and all of a sudden a mysterious, human like figure pops out.  “Are you trying to destroy my plan?” the figure said. Lauren came closer, and saw something that looked a lot like a scientist. “You cannot stop me, Silverwoods has to be destroyed!”. ” What?!” all friends said in fear. ”You...you don't know? Silverwoods is going to be my future laboratory! And I can’t have any animals interrupt my research!”.

“You cannot do this!”. “Oh it's already happening, my friends. Go ahead, go see the beauty.”, said the mad scientist. The door opened, and all the friends ran as fast as they could. What they saw, wasn't what they expected. There were a lot of machines, chopping down all the trees.  “We were here only five minutes ago!” This cannot happen! We have to stop this!'' Lisa said. “I... I think a saw a machine with a rewinding sign on it!” Tanner said. They all went back into the building together and started searching for the machine. They split up into groups, that way it would be quicker. Kiki and Lisa found a machine that had the sign Tanner described. “This must be it!”, Kiki said with excitement. “But which button do we push? There are so many!”, Lisa said. “This one!” without thinking, Kiki pushed the bright red button. The ground started shaking and everyone passed out. Sometime later, Kiki woke up  in Silverwoods. Everyone was still unconscious except him. He decided to wake everyone up. Slowly but surely, all of them started waking up. They all knew what happened and started running immediately. They eventually got to the same building they all saw earlier. “Does anyone have a plan how to stop this mad scientist?”, Coco said. “I do!”, Lauren said.

Lauren told them what she had planned, and they all went in the building to stop the mad scientist. “Not you again!”, said the mad scientist. “We’re here to stop you!”. Lauren pushed a big button which said: “Open if there are any intruders!”. The floor under the mad scientist started breaking. Within five seconds both the mad scientist and the floor fell down a big hole.  “Is that... a treasure chest?”, said Tanner. The curtains were drawn and a giant treasure chest on the left side of the hole was revealed. “Let's open it!'', Coco said. When they opened it, they found a lot of toys, which they weren't expecting. “That's so cool!” Tanner said.

And just then, he woke up. “Was it all just a dream?” Tanner said. He stood up and looked out the window, only to see Silverwoods all nice and green. “Thank God!”.

Tanner and his friends continued treasure hunting even though no one believed Tanner's story. They stayed best friends for their whole lives.

One day, Tanner decided to take a look at his old photo albums. In them there were photos of him, his friends and his family members. In one photo he was playing football, and in another, he was with his friends. He started smiling. He flipped the page and found a miracle. It was a photo of a treasure chest with toys in it! A lot of time has passed since he had that dream, but he remembered it clearly.

mentor: Irena Graovac

OŠ Vladimira Nazora