Let's build a story!

Saving the Forest

by Marko Klobučarević, grade 5

One old man was looking through his album with old photos. Then he saw an old picture of his biggest adventure. He was really young at that time.

It all started when he and his friend found a map. In the map there was an X in the forest. But there was no more forest. They needed to save it. They will travel for a long time. 

All the animals were banished. They were really, really, really, really sad. They needed to move to another forest. There were a lot of animals.

The scientist was responsible for all that destruction and rage. He needed wood for his new office. He was very, very, very, very selfish. He dreamed of a beautiful new office. 

In their team there were: an old man, a girl called Jessica, a bear called Bobo, and a rabbit called Timi. They all prepared themselves. They were really, really brave.

They began their journey. They searched for a long, long, long, long time. They saw him. They ran in full sprint towards him.

When they found him, they had a distraction for him. They decided to scare him and banish him just like he had banished the animals from that forest. They were very angry with him. They were fully prepared. (Not really.)

They scared him and then the scientist ran far, far, far, far, far away. He needed to go to the hospital because of that big, big, big shock. He never returned. They destroyed the scientist's small, small office.

They won!!! Now they are playing and celebrating. The forest is back to normal. They were really, really happy then.

The End

mentor: Mia Šavrljuga

OŠ Alojzija Stepinca