Let's build a story!


by Kristina Lydia Karlović Terceira , grade 6

Hi, my name is Eric and I have a secret, there is this world of imagination and magic, don’t tell anyone, it’s a land where animals talk and where humans can fly! My friend Melissa and I, know about this world because we’re kids with big imaginations. Grown-ups can’t go there, and only some kids can. There you can do whatever you want, but of course where there is light the is darkness……

Some evil people of this world want the power of that world for themselves. But it is only the kids who have a whole new world to explore and do all as they dream.

We met a couple of animals Bob the bear, Silver THE squirrel and Bubble the bunny. We set off on an adventure! We walked for a long time and came across a forest being cut down. In the distance I spotted a fox and ran to it to ask what was happening to the forest. When I came closer I realized that the fox was crying, she said an evil scientist who wanted all of the power of this world was collecting the power of the forest to travel through time and space! “Oh no! He’s found a way into this world!” I exclaimed. The fox nodded sadly. I was scared if he could do this, who knows what else he could do?!

After 3 weeks nothing happened but, we formed a plan when we found a map of where the scientist lived, and we put our plan into action, we all took a part in the plan or you could say we all took part in the "Dragon". As my friends and I walked into his laboratory, we saw all sorts of machines, wires and flashing lights. I heard someone talking about MAGIC around the corner. I was scared to approach this crazy mastermind. Slowly but surely, we put together our “Dragon”. We made a dragon shadow puppet. I was to be the dragons’ voice and I roared "How dare you enter my REALM you are not welcome here!"

The mad scientist finally spoke completely shocked "I'm terribly s-sorry sir." I roared again " This place is built upon the creativity of children, you are not a child, you lost your creativity a long time ago! I command you leave at once for I created this realm and I have the power!" The scientist picked up all of his things and said, "Yes sir!" and he left the room quickly. As soon as he left, and the door closed we all burst into laughter. Hahahahhahahahah we all laughed. “Wait a second how did he get into this Realm?” We all looked at each other... That is my story.... now when I look at the pictures I remember every single moment…

mentor: Marijana Mavić

OŠ Rikard Katalinić Jeretov Opatija