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Oliver and the hidden treasure

by Fabijan Lasić, grade 8

Chapter 1

Forest squad


Oliver, he loves playing outside, he loves watching cartoons, but he's a little bit shy, you know. He is scared of the world; he is scared of everyone and everything. But, he is a good kid you know. Just give him a chance to shine, that's all. If you really want a good, honest friend, then Oliver is the one. His friends, they love him so much. . Jenny, Peter and Ron, and Oliver are best buddies ever. Sometimes they call him Olly, but he doesn't mind that at all, everyone has some kind of a nickname. They are playing all day long. Their favorite place to play is in the forest.

Oh, that place is filled with life and fun. Bushes, flower fields, big trees, so many good places for hide and seek. But, the best thing to do is just sit down under the tree and watch clouds. So many forms and shapes, so many wonderful pictures in their eyes. When they play in the forest, they make that place come alive once again. But, how do I mean again? Well, I'm going to tell you, but not now, I'm going to leave it for next chapter.


Chapter 2

Secret map

A long time ago, one boy was playing in that forest and he left a map that will lead you to hidden treasure

That boy buried that treasure because he wanted to leave it for new generations. Oliver's grandfather showed him the picture of that boy and he told him „Oh Jon, he was a good kid, we were best friends, but he moved and he never told me what was in that treasure chest“.

When Oliver heard that he thought of an idea. „Guys, let's go find that treasure „he said to the group. Jenny was scared, she said „Olly, would it be better if we stayed here and played hide and seek? “. Rabbit Ron responded „Don't worry Jen, it will be okay, we got your back! “. Jenny thought about it for a long time and she decided that she's in. „I'm not scared of nobody“, she said „let's go find that treasure! “. In 5 minutes they packed their backpacks and they started their adventure. But there was one problem, they didn't know which way to go, but Olly had a map in his pocket. „Where did you get that? “asked Ron, and let me tell you, Ron was very curious rabbit. „My grandfather gave it to me…“.As Oliver was explaining to them, they followed the path, but they didn't know what was hiding in the corner.


Chapter 3

New member

They were on their way and they heard someone crying, Jenny turned and she saw a little squirrel. „Are you okay? “She asked. The squirrel was sobbing and she said „ I'm not“. Peter asked her „What's wrong? “. „They destroyed my home last night“, she said „now, I don't have any place to live in“.

They all felt sorry so they decided to invite her to their squad and she was going to be their new friend. „Really, you would really do that?! “she asked. They answered all together „Of course, you are our new member! “ Little squirrel was so happy. After a lot of hugs she said „I'm Linda! It's nice to meet you my new friends! “. „My name is Oliver, and this is Jenny, Peter and Ron! “. In that moment they became best friends. She was curious so she asked „What kind of adventure are you in? “. Jenny said „We are looking for buried treasure, it's in the forest on the west“. „WEST!?“ she screamed „I know where that is, I lived there, I can be your guide! “. Oliver agreed with that idea and Ron said „Okay then Linda, lead us to that treasure! “. Linda was so happy that she finally found friends so she happily responded „Yes sir! “

Chapter 4

Evil scientist

They were walking for two nights and days and one day Oliver spotted some kind of a lab and a scientist in it. „Guys look, who is that over there? “

Jenny took his binoculars and said „I know that guy! He is an evil scientist, one day I was working in the garden with my mum and he walked next to us holding this light bulb and above his head was a storm cloud. Be careful, he is maybe looking for the treasure too! “.

While they were talking, Ron and Linda had an idea. „Why don't we dress up as a monster? Let's scare him and maybe he will run away with his weird project! “. They all agreed, but where are they going to get costumes? Solution was in Peter's backpack. Peter was a tailor. He was making all types of costumes. But, when he was about to leave for an adventure, he accidentally took his backpack with costumes and he left one with food. But the costumes came in for good; they all dressed up and came in scientist's lab.

While he was working he saw a shadow.

He got scared and he accidentally dropped a light bulb with a storm cloud and it exploded. Explosion made a portal and scientist and all of his work disappeared forever.

Chapter 5

Treasure chest


After all of that situation with scientist they finally got to place that was marked on the map. Oliver took a shovel from the backpack and he started digging. Jenny and Linda were so excited. Peter and Ron helped Oliver. After a lot of work they pulled the chest they went home with it. When they came home and when they finally opened it, inside they found so many toys.

They were so happy, they finally did something right and they had a lot of fun, they became friends with Linda but this wasn't their only adventure, oooo, just wait for you to hear what's going to happen next with the forest squad!

mentor: Sanja Lončar

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