Let's build a story!


by TEA ŠEKUTOR, grade 7

In the family Davintory there were two children, Mary and Jake. They had three pets, Bruno the bear, Lily the squirrel and Fluffy the rabbit and they followed them everywhere. Mary and Jake were always curious and they always wanted to discover new things. One day they wanted to go to the attic but their grandpa Jack didn’t allow it. That made them even more curious and they decided to wait until their grandpa left to his room. They tiptoed to the attic and slowly opened the door. Their pets followed them, of course. There were many things there but one caught their eye. It was a box. They opened it and there were many toys inside. While they were looking through the box, their grandpa was looking through the photos of him when he was his grandchildren’s age. He wished to go back to those days when he didn’t worry about a thing. Meanwhile, the kids found a map by the old cabinet that looked like it could break any moment. They opened the map and a bright light came through it. Suddenly, they found themselves in the most beautiful forest. They were enjoying the beautiful scenery when, out of the blue, they hear a loud noise. They saw people destroying the forest. In the blink of an eye, the whole forest was gone. The children decided to follow those people. After some time they lost track of them. When they finally decided to quit, a little dwarf stopped them and told the whole story. There was a crazy scientist who wanted to take control of the world. In order to find the scientist they had to find his castle first. Luckily, they still had the map. The dwarf gave them five costumes. Jack put on a dragon costume, Mary put on an Indian girl costume, Bruno put on a pirate costume, Lily put on a superwoman costume and Fluffy put on a knight costume. They thanked the dwarf and followed the path on the map. After an hour long journey they were in front of the castle. There were a lot of guards so they had to be careful while sneaking in. After they entered the castle, they looked for the lab. In the lab, the mad scientist was planning how to take over the world. He was making potions when he saw a shadow of a scary creature. He got so scared that he ran out of the room and left all his projects and potions behind. The scary creature wasn’t real. Those were actually our heroes, the kids and their pets. They destroyed the project and the potions. The evil scientist couldn’t take over the world anymore. They knew they completed their mission because the map started shining again. It took them back to their attic. They immediately left the attic and went to their rooms. They fell asleep and their grandpa didn’t notice anything. 

mentor: Ivana Junković


Sveti Križ Začretje