Let's build a story!


by Krunoslav Tretinjak, grade 7

Once upon a time,a grandpa lived with his grandson John. One day, the grandpa was looking at an old photo book of his grandson. While going through the photos, he remembered that one night, when his grandson John told him a weird story. It went something  like this:

One night, John was playing with his friends in a forest full of trees. They we're playing their favourite game, hide and seek. While John was hiding, he found a map. He quickly stopped playing the game. He showed the map to his friends and the next day, they went on an adventure.

John and his friends followed the path when they saw something in the distance. John took his binoculars and saw a small hut in the forest. They we're getting closer and closer to the hut. Once they entered the hut, they found a treasure chest. They opened it and saw a lot of toys and costumes. They put on the costumes and went playing outside.

They we're playing all day. They all went home when the night came. At the same time, an evil doctor was making a spell that would destroy the forest John and his friends loved to play in. When one of John's friends, the fox, came to the forest, he saw all the trees had been cut down, leaving only grass and dirt. He was sad, and he had to move somewhere else.

The next day, John and his friends met up in the hut where they found the treasure chest. They talked about the evil doctor who destroyed the forest. They heard some legends and stories about him, and later on, found out where the evil doctor lived.

On the same map they  found in the forest, there was a castle. They  followed the path and found the castle. The doors were closed, so the only way they could get inside the castle was through the window. They  made a ladder out of wood left in the forest. They all entered the castle and looked for the evil doctor.

In one of the hallways, they saw a door with a label on it. It said „Laboratory“. They entered and saw the evil doctor. The bear jumped on him and John asked him to return the old forest. The evil doctor said no at first, but the bear threatened him and he changed his mind. John and his friends left the castle and went playing in the forest. The night came so John came home to his grandpa to tell him the story of what had happened.


mentor: Ivana Junković


Sveti Križ Začretje