Let's build a story!

On a Treasure Hunt

by Petra Milovčić, grade 7

When I was little, I spent all of my time with my best friend Teddy and my secret crush Sarah. We used to play many fun and different games in our village. One day we played hide and seek and Sarah ran and hid in an old abandoned house that was in the villlage and she found a big, heavy,chest there. Mickey and Bunny were also with us that day. The usual gang. Sarah screamed so loudly that all of us ran to the old creaky house to see what happened and we saw her standing in front of a chest. We opened it immediately and we saw a lot of toys and a map. The first thing I saw when I looked at the map was a castle and a forest.  In my mind I saw a magical forest, a princess that had to be rescued. All of us agreed to try to find the castle and the forest from the map and  find out all of its secrets. We took the the costumes from the chest, dressed up and went on our journey. We followed our map for days and days. We found many new interesting places for playing games, we made a fortress on a little meadow but when we finally came to a place where there should have been a forest, we didn't see anything. No trees. Nothing. People cut all the trees. We were so sad but I had an idea. My neighbour was a strange scientist. He was pretty old and, I think, a little bit crazy but he was very smart. We ran back to the village, directly to his house.  He was reading letters when we came all dressed up and when he saw us he got scared  but then he saw me and calmed down.  We told him everything that happened. We asked him to make a special potion to bring back the forest.  He worked for days and days and he finally succeeded. He made a special potion to bring back the forest. We went back to the place where once there was a forest and he poured the potion on the ground. Trees started to grow.  We were shocked, we laughed, jumped in joy, ran... I knew that he was clever. His potion made him a very famous scientist but for me he was still my 'crazy neighbour'. After playing in the forest for a few days, we wento to find the castle from the map. We followed the map. Bunny was the first to notice a big, beautiful castle on a hill. I was completely shocked because it was so pretty, it was gorgeous. We went inside through a side door but there was nobody there. We weren't sad, we found a castle and it was now our castle, our fortress.

Now that I'm old, and Sarah is my wife and Teddy is still my best friend and Mickey and Bunny are still my good friends, I sometimes look at my old photos and I am so happy to have good friends like that in my life. Sarah and I have been married for twenty years now and maybe I am old now, I can't see or hear well but I will never forget the greatest time of my life.

mentor: Marina Maras

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