Let's build a story!

A story

by Monika Sikaček, grade 6

                                               A story

Jimmy is an old man and grandfather too. Every weekend his grandchildren come to him and his wife Jenny. They want to hear a story about his and Jenny’s childhood. He uses a photo album that will help him to tell the story easier.

“One day in a small town me, your granny Jenny and our animal friends were going to play. We heard some weird noises in Freddy's house. Freddy was a scientist whose nickname was Crazy Scientist because he made funny experiments.

We were very curious, so we brought a binocular. We looked in his house and we saw that he makes some experiments. When he went out, we sneaked into the house and we found some plans.

There was a big map. At first, we didn't understand anything, but when we looked around better, everything was clear. There were some plans for destroying trees in a forest. He wanted more houses and more flats, but we just wanted our forest.

The map showed the place where workers would begin to destroy it and start to build some houses. Oh, no! We had to think fast because we wanted to stop it. We were terrified when we realized that it had already started that day. Many animals and plants lost their homes.

The next day I had an idea. We could scare Freddy and later explain him everything. I knew, that was insane plan, but we were kids and that was the only plan we had.

So, we had a look in the box with the old Halloween costumes and put some scary costumes on. We went to his house and started to scream: “Go away, we are forest's monsters, stop destroying our forest!” We were smart, so we let him to see only our shadows. But that was enough. He was so afraid that he called workers immediately. He told them that they had to stop working. We were so happy and that was a moment for explaining.

But, when we wanted to talk to him he was already packed his things and went out. We shouted but he sat in the car and drove away. Later, we heard that he went to some other town. We scared him so much, although we didn’t know how. But like I said before, he was crazy and maybe he believed in the monsters. Luckily, nobody wanted to take his job (destroying forests) so everything was fine. We played in that forest almost every day and we never were boring.

So, my dear! Many, many years passed from that event, but nobody touched that forest ever again.”


mentor: Nevenka Dejanović

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