Let's build a story!


by Nika Januš, grade 5

JOY: Grandpa can you tell us something about dad please?
Grandpa: Yes! He plays football very well. He loves to play in the forest.
Joy: We love the forest, too!
Anthony: Joy, let him talk.
Joy: Ok, sorry Grandpa.
Grandpa: No problem.
Grandpa: Who is there?
Mario the Squirrel: Hello, it’s me Mario! I need your help!
Joy and Anthony: Why are you crying? We will help you.
Mario the Squirrel: Evil doc Big Nose is back! He destroys our homes!
Joy: This isn’t happening!

Joy: Can I see? Can I see?
Anthony: Calm down Joy!
Joy: So, what is happening?
Loco: Yes, what do you see?
Toad: Yes, Anthony, tell us something!
Anthony: Ok, ok!

Anthony: I don’t see very well… Hmm?
Joy: What do you see? What do you see?
Anthony: Just a second… I see a light bulb, a lot of papers, a rocket and doc. Big Nose.
Toad: We can scare him and he will never come back again! But we need costumes.
Joy: Oh, J know! On our attic! W e can find old costumes.

Everybody: Wow! How cool are they!
Anthony: Let’s get dressed.Cepina
Everybody: Joy!
Joy: We look so cool!
Anthony: Now we can scare him!

These are our heroes: Anthony is a dragon, Joy is an Indian, Mario is batman, Loco is a knight and Toad is a pirate!
Right now, they can scare evil doc. Big Nose! Now when they have costumes they need a plan!
Anthony: Hehttp://biologija2.authoring.profil-klett.hr/biologija-2/m01/j05/re is a plan. We are a bike. A t first we will go on North in forest. Then around the mountain, across the train and here we are. But be careful, they can see us.
Joy: And then we can make a shadow of big and scary forest monster!
Loco, Mario, and Toad: Let’s scare him!
Anthony: Be careful.

Doc. Big Nose: I will destroy that ugly forest and that stupid animals! Hahahaha
Forest savers: Doc. Big Nose, doc. Big Nose!
Doc. Big Nose: OMG! What are you?
Forest savers: I am forest monster. Why are you destroying my forest?
Doc. Big Nose: Oh, I am sorry, I will never come back! Aaaaaaa!
Forest savers: Joy! Forest is safe!
Antony: I can’t believe we saved the forest!
Joy: Me too!
Forest: Thank you very much! You saved me! And remember, always save the forest and don’t destroy it!