Let's build a story!

My grandpa's story

by Gabriela Večerić, grade 8

                         MY GRANDPA’S STORY

           My grandpa was a very creative person. He always spent his time on writing his own stories. The stories always had a lot of characters, and, of course, in the end there is an important message.

I just loved his stories. My favourite one was about a group of friends. It goes like this:

          Once upon a time there was a little family. They lived in a house near the woods. The family was composed of the parents and their two children, Clara and Charlie. The children were very playful. They played all the time with their toys. Charlie had a teddy bear and Clara had a bunny. They loved spending time playing in their courtyard, near the river, even in woods. When they were in the woods, they usually played hide and seek or some other game.

One day, when they were in the woods, they heard sobbing, so they went deeper into the woods to see what was happening. They saw a little squirrel. It was very small and it had a beautiful long tail. Its name was Squiffy. The squirrel was crying. She said that the constructer workers ruined her home and now she doesn't have a place to live. So, Charlie and Clara took her to their home where she was living with the bear and the bunny. After a while, they all became friends and they played together all the time. One day, they wanted new toys so they went to the attic where they found a mystery chest. They opened the chest and they found a map. They were all curious and wanted to know where the map leaded to. So, they followed the map until the last destination. They were all surprised when they saw a little cabin in the middle of the woods. There was a scientist in the cabin who was doing some experiments. He was building a machine which would produce an extra energy. Clara and her friends knew that they have to do something about it. So they took their stuff and equipment and went to the scientist. They were wearing clothes which made them look like superheroes. Their aim was to convince a scientist to stop his project because otherwise, he could pollute the Earth. The children loved nature and they wanted to do everything to make the Earth a better place to live. When they entered into his cabin, they saw the scientist. He was doing another experiment. He was building a gadget which would pollute air. Clara shouted: “STOP!“. The scientist turned around. He was wearing a white lab coat and he also had a pair of glasses on his head. When the scientist saw the children, he was surprised. The children explained him that he was ruining the nature by building his gadgets. He decided to listen to them. After a long conversation with the children, he promised that he was going to get rid of all his gadgets. He realized that he was wrong and he decided to make machines which could help the Earth.

          The next morning, he constructed a new machine, but this time for a good reason. He made a special garbage bin which would recycle all garbage in it.

And that's how the story ends. The story is very important because it shows us that if we continue to pollute the Earth, the world won't be as pretty as it is now. The Earth is our home and we have to protect it, because we are the only beings who are able to help the Earth. Its value is priceless.


mentor: Nevenka Dejanović

OŠ Stjepana Kefelje