Let's build a story!

The Power of the Name

by Hana Lah Štefek, grade 5

Billy is sitting on his chair. He is reading his favorite comic book “Children in the magic world”. After an hour he fell asleep and he started dreaming.


“Heh, heh, heh“, said Pip. He is a boy in Billy’s dream. He has a lot of magic friends. Their names are: girl Oliva, bear Edo, squirrel Wicky and rabbit Ronnie. They are looking through binoculars into an amazing forest.  


They started walking to the woods. When they came to the forest they started playing together. The wind started to blow, so they decided to go.


It is getting dark. Friends are walking, Oliva sees the forest cut down. She talked to her friends about it .They are running to the forest and they see cranes and cut trunks. They are so sad because of that. After ten minutes Ronnie smells an animal. They see the sad fox. She explains to them why she is sad. The people have visited her house in the woods. The children don’t have any idea how to help Miss Fox, so they decide to go.


The night passed. The children didn’t sleep all night, but I said these kids are magical! In one moment Edo finds a map and then he shows it to the others, so they jump into it!!! Suddenly they are in a wonderful country. They see an old castle, the biggest mountains they have ever seen, ocean, forest and a big red cross. They started running.  After twenty minutes Wicky saw a tent. Soon the others saw it, too, and started to run towards the tent.


The tent was incredible inside. Pip, Oliva, Wicky, Edo and Ronnie found a big box. There are: a plane, a ball, a robot and funny costumes. The children took the costumes out and they put them on. There were some more people in the tent. People were talking to kids about the bad scientist who wants to destroy the world. His name is Mr. Antipower. He lives in big mountains.


The kids started walking towards the mountains where Mr. Antipower lives. They decided to save the world. They saw the big mountain people were talking about. There was a sign on the mountain that said: The first letters of your names can win me. When they came to the door they rang the bell. Mr. Antipower answered.

He said: Who is it? They said that they are children who heard good things about him. They lied. But he did not let them in. First they got a paper through one hole to write their names.

When the children wrote their names on the paper they figured out that they were the ones who should destroy Mr. Antipower. The initials of their names all together read: POWER!








They gave Mr. Antipower the paper with the names, but he obviously did not read the first letters properly and he let them in.


The kids see a lot of crazy things and of course Mr. Antipower doing the experiments …


In one second children shouted: POWER! They turned into a monster made of costume which finally destroyed Mr. Antipower.

mentor: Biserka Jaramazović Čurković

OŠ Ksavera Šandora Gjalskoga