Let's build a story!

Saving the forest

by Lana Crnković, grade 6

Next to a little town called Forestfox Town there was a forest. The forest was big and the trees were very tall. A lot of animals were living and many plants were growing there. In the middle of the forest lived a fox called Lilly. Lilly was a friendly, happy and harmless fox. She had a lot of friends. Some of her friends were even humans! But one day people from Forestfox Town came and cut down the forest. People had guns and rifles. When they came, they pulled out their guns and rifles and started shooting at animals and cutting down the forest. Lilly ran away but some of her friends were shot, some even died. She cried and cried and cried. There weren’t any other forests in her surrounding. If she came to town, people would probably call hunters. She didn’t have any place to live. In that moment, she saw her friends from Forestfox Town. Jimmy and Kaya were brother and sister. Jimmy was older and he was interested in astronomy, and Kaya was younger and she was interested in science and biology. They were orphans and they lived in an orphanage. Jimmy had a pet, a squirrel called Misty. Bipsy and Jack were with Jimmy and Kaya, too. They were residents of the forest that was cut down. Bipsy was a big brown bear and Jack was a little white fluffy rabbit. When Lilly came close to them, Kaya said: ‘We heard that the forest was cut down and that the animals were shot at. Bipsy and Jack were injured. We have to stop those people!’

‘I know where the old man who has once already stopped cutting down the forest lives. We need to visit him!’ said Jimmy.

They all agreed and found the old man’s house. They knocked on the door. Noone opened it. They knocked again and again, and again. Kaya said: ‘It doesn’t make sense. Let’s look through the window!’

There was an old man in the house. He was sitting at a table and looking at a book. They realized that the man was inside so they went in. The old man was surprised. Kaya was angry: ‘Why didn’t you open the door?!’

‘Oh, forgive me. I can’t hear well! My name is Johnson. Would you like a drink?’

They talked about the forest. Mr Johnson said that in the past, when he stopped cutting down the forest, he had help from a crazy scientist. However, they hadn’t cut down the whole forest. Now that was impossible because the whole forest got cut down. ‘You can find a meadow and plant trees and bushes on it. I will give you a map of the town. It’s old but I think that it will be useful! A scientist lives here, next to a castle. Maybe he can help you! Good luck, children, and goodbye!’

‘Let’s wait for the train to come and it will stop not very far from the castle. We will get there faster!’ Jimmy said.

The train station was old and destroyed. The train came. The conductor was surprised to see someone who wanted to travel by this old train. The train stopped in a village not far from the castle. The village was called Owl Place. The village was abandoned and very spooky. They walked to the castle. They went inside the castle. It was very big. It was a castle from the 19th century and it was abandoned. The crazy scientist wasn’t there. Jimmy went into a princess’s room. There was a box full of toys. They played with toys until morning. In the morning they found costumes. Bipsy was a pirate, Jimmy was a dragon, Kaya was an American Indian, Jack was a knight and Misty was something similar to Batman. They heard screaming from the gardener’s cottage. They went into the cottage and saw the scientist who lost control of his invention, a big robot. Clever and brave Kaya pushed the button for turning off. The scared scientist said: ‘Thank you, thank you very much! That happens all the time! Nice to meet you. I am Cubi!’

After laughing at the scientist’s name they said why they were there. The scientist answered: ‘I have an idea how to make a new forest. You will plant trees and I will make a growth potion.’

Scientist Cubi was really crazy but awesome, too. He was making the potion all day long. First he put this in a bowl, than that in another bowl, then shook it… It was hard work! After he made the growth potion they promised him that they will watch the presentation of his new invention: the resistant bulb. It lasts forever, works on rain, snow or other weather conditions. Scientist Cubi was happy because it was the first time that he showed his invention in public. In the morning everyone woke up earlier than usual. They took the growth potion and tree seeds. They planted trees on the meadow and on the place where they planted them they spilled a drop of growth potion. In a few minutes there was a real forest! They played music and animals started coming. In the end they were all dancing and having fun at the party.


mentor: Maja Spasić

OŠ Jelenje-Dražice