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Adventure flashback

by Ana Perušić, grade 5

One day an old guy named Frank was looking at his pictures from when he was a young man. He found a picture of his sister, their friend Griz, Rabbit, Mr Squirrel and himself. He started remembering his and his sister`s adventures of when they were young.


One day Frank, his sister, Griz, Rabbit and Mr Squirrel were looking at a chest. They found an old map. Frank and his sister didn`t know what the map meant but Griz knew at first glance that the map belonged to a crazy scientist named Pol who was a maniac. They thought that it was a good idea to go find Pol. They dressed up as a dragon, Sacajawea, a bad pirate of the Caribbean, Super squirrel and a gladiator and they started their adventure. They travelled far and wide, over mountains and oceans. They got to the castle where Pol was. They tiptoed into the castle. After tiptoeing through the big castle they found Pol`s room. He was talking to himself. He said: “I will chop down every forest in the world and every wild animal will have no home. Ha ha ha ha!!″ Frank, his sister, Griz, Rabbit and Mr Squirrel gasped when they heard that. Pol heard them and started to chase them. They ran through the castle. After running for five minutes, Frank, his sister, Griz, Rabbit and Mr Squirrel had enough and they captured Pol in the basement. They felt proud so they threw a party in the forest.

Frank thought out loud: ″I am so happy that I had a wonderful childhood.″

mentor: Sandra Maljavac

OŠ Jelenje-Dražice