Let's build a story!

The Mystery Treasure

by David Krivić, grade 5

          This is a story that happened when I was twelve years old. That day we did not have school because it was Saturday. It started as any other day: I woke up, had breakfast and went out to play with my neighbour Jane. We went to the forest to play hide and seek, but when we got there, we found an old, dusty map on the ground. Binoculars were lying next to the map. We wondered “Hmm, how did this map get here with these binoculars?” and then decided to follow the rail on the map because it looked like a treasure map and we hoped it could take us to hidden treasure.

         As we were walking, we met a squirrel which lived in a nearby forest that was cut down. Then we met a bear and a rabbit. They also lived in a nearby forest. As they did not have their home any more, we asked them to join us and help find the treasure. Then we headed to the first spot on the map. It was an abandoned castle. We were a little bit scared, but we went inside. When we walked in, I had already known something was odd. I heard strange noises. We were scared, but anyway decided to investigate the castle. When we entered one of the rooms, we saw a man wearing a lab coat: “Hmm…” – I thought – “what is this man doing?” He seemed like he was trying to make a rocket ship. Jane sneezed and the man turned around. We all quickly ran away back to the forest. “Jeez, that was close” I said. I grabbed my binoculars and looked at the castle. I saw the man standing and looking at us.

          We ran to the next place on the map – the mountains. We did not climb the mountains because, let’s be honest, very few people know (and can) climb a 300 foot mountain. Then something good happened. Namely, we saw a train going to the last spot marked on the map. Jane, the bear, the squirrel, the rabbit and I ran to get the train. Luckily, we made it. We went to the place marked with a big red cross on the map and there found a shovel.

          We dug for about thirty minutes unless we found the treasure. FINALLY! But then something you would never expect happened. Remember the man in a lab coat from before? Well, he followed us to the treasure to get it for himself. But, he did not plan well and his rocket ship ran out of gas and he crashed. That sure taught him a lesson because we never saw him again.

          Now, back to the important stuff. The treasure chest we found was full of toys and other awesome things like costumes, games and gold coins. We even went trick o’ treating in those costumes and got a lot of candies.                                                     Unfortunately, this is the end of my story, so I guess this means goodbye.

                                                      THE END

mentor: Filomena Horvatić

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