Let's build a story!

Luke's Childhood Adventure

by Lana Antoljak, grade 6

          Hello children! My name is grandpa Luke and I will tell you an unbelievable story from my childhood. It all started one day when I was looking through my bookshelves and found my old childhood picture album. Then I remembered the most exciting adventure with my friends.                                                                      

         My friends and I have spent most of our time playing in the forest. We lost some of our toys there. One day we decided to find our lost toys and went to search, but instead of toys, we found a castle. I decided to climb up a tree and look through window to see what was in the castle. I felt surprised when I saw a scary man surrounded by weird inventions and piles of papers on his desk. We all got so scared that we ran back to the forest.

          We sat under the tree thinking about that man and concluded that he came there to cut our forest. So, we decided to scare him away. We changed into costumes and brought some other useful things with us. I was a dragon with a broom, my friend Mary was a Native American with an umbrella, a bear was a pirate with a pasta holder, a bunny was a knight with a toilet brush and a squirrel was a superhero. We went back to the castle, sneaked up to scientist’s room and scared him to death. He was so terrified that he ran away and never came back.

          When I searched through his desk, I found a treasure map and told my friends about it. We decided to find the treasure from the map. After a long search we finally found the treasure chest in a small hut. We opened it and what a surprise! In the chest there were all the toys we lost in the forest. It turned out that the scientist was not as bad as we thought he was. We took our toys and went playing in our favourite spot in the forest!

                                                          THE END



mentor: Filomena Horvatić

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