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Adventure of Harrystone Park

by Nela Mladić, grade 6

Adventure of Harrystone Park


Once upon a time there was an old man. His name was Harry. He was going through a photo album of his childhood. Harry remembered his friends and the adventure they went through.

That same night he had a dream, it goes like this: His dad was a mayor and a good friend with a mad scientist, who was the boss of a very rich company. That company was pretty much holding the town from financial disaster. The company wanted space for its workers, so they forced the mayor of the town to give them some space from the park or pay them a lot of money to move their company out of town. The mayor did not have the money, so sadly he needed to give them the park. When Harry found out that his favorite park was to be destroyed, he got his friends together. First, he told them what the problem was and since some of his friends were animals, they were very interested. They needed to come up with a plan fast, or his friends wouldn’t have anywhere to live. The building of a company already started, and some animals were losing homes. Harry was with his friends, watching from the distance. Harry asked them if they had a plan. Bella, his best friend had one. The plan was to find some scary costumes and try to scare the company away. They went on the attic and dug through his dad ’s old toy chest. They found very scary costumes. In Harry ‘s costume there was a strange piece of paper, but he did not mind. Bella ‘s plan went well until… Barry, the bear sneezed. The company caught them but they did not get in trouble and went home. Bella, on her way home, ran into Harry’s dad, the mayor. She asked him if there was a way to save the park. He told her that the only way is to find a lot of money. At the same time Harry reached in his pocket and pull out the paper. That paper was a treasure map. The next day Harry and his friends called down the meeting. On the meeting Bella told them what happened to her on the way home and Harry did the same thing. At first, they talked about it and after a minute they went to prepare themselves. They talked to their parents and they approved. They dressed up into these silly costumes and got their backpacks. After days and days, they finally got to the treasure. The way to the treasure was an adventure for itself. It was very weird, there were some castles but also cars and bikes. That treasure was full of golden coins. They called their parents and they came right away. The mayor payed the company and the company was very disappointed that they had to stop building, but they were forced to. From that day Harry and his friends were very happy and they could enjoy their beautiful park.

  1. beep - that was a sound of old Harry’s alarm clock. Harry woke up with a big smile. After he dressed up and got ready, he went to the park. That same park he dreamed of, that same park he went in an adventure for, that same beautiful park, named after him - the son of the best mayor, beautiful Harrystone Park.


Nela Mladić, 6.a

OŠ Jabukovac-Zagreb

mentor: dragana sanković matak

OŠ Jabukovac