Let's build a story!


by Gabriel Janđel, grade 6




Not so long ago on one planet in one galaxy there was a mad scientist called Tycorus. He was known only by bad things, so it was time to stop him. It was his destiny. He had many woodcutting machines and day by day he was massively destroying forests. One day, when the scientist's machines were cutting trees they destroyed one little fox's home. The fox was very sad, so she asked other animals that lived in that forest to help her, but only two did it. They were: John, the rabbit and Carl, the bear.


They all lost their homes in the mass woodcutting. They wanted to save the rest of the forest. Still, they couldn't make it alone, so they asked two kids, Carlos and Jane from the nearest village to help them. At first Carlos didn't want to help them, but when he saw the woodcutting machines and the cut part of the forest he joined them. Jane, the girl, joined them instantly. So, the adventure for this new fellowship began!


The fellowship wanted to stop the mad scientist, but they didn't know how. They were thinking and thinking until the fox came up with the idea: ‘We could scare the scientist away somehow!’ Everyone except rabbit agreed, because he said he was too small to be scary. But they didn't know where to find something scary. So, they asked Carlos, if he knew where to find something scary. He said that he had a chest in his basement full of scary stuff. But then they heard that scientist was making something even worse! He wanted to make storms, so he could produce electricity from lightning! But not from ordinary lightning! He wanted huge thunder! But let's get back to our fellowship. They were really scared by that news! And it was too late to give up, because they already went to Carlos's house to find the chest with scary stuff…


Rabbit found costume of a knight, Fox found scary cloak, Bear found a ghost pirate costume, Carlos had a dragon costume. Jane found an Indian hat. Now they needed to get to the secret mad scientist's lab. Fortunately, rabbit was a geography fan, so he had a map which showed the location of it. That helped a lot to get them to the lab. Firstly, they went through a dark jungle, they passed a great river and came to the castle underneath which was ‘the mad lab’ (how it was called). Carl saw through binoculars that the lab wasn't guarded, but didn't give the binoculars to the others to see, so others were sceptic. Unfortunately, at the front entrance there were guards! They needed to find another way.


They split into two groups and started searching for another way in. The first team couldn't find way in or way out, but the second found broken roof window two meters below the ground. So, they just needed to wait till the midnight. 7 hours later... Finally, all guards went to sleep, and everyone put on their masks and entered the building. It was easy to find scientist's lab, but it was full of traps. They already came too far to give up… they started crawling under traps. The bear almost armed one trap but he avoided it right in time. Then they saw him, Tycorus and his evil machines! He was sleeping. They decided to surprise him. They started making very scary sounds. When scientist woke up, he thought that some dragon attacked him! He started running and ran away with machines so far away that nobody ever saw him again!


The fox and the fellowship were very happy! When the fox came back to the forest everybody celebrated. The wood just magically grew! It was a happy ending.


68 years passed from then up to now. Many generations grew up, and our heroes were remembered only by pictures, names and deeds. That day Carlos opened his oldest photo album and saw the pictures of the fox, bear and rabbit and said; “Those were good times” and closed the photo book.




mentor: dragana sanković matak

OŠ Jabukovac