Let's build a story!

Andy and Amy

by Manuela Mrvelj, grade 5

Andy and Amy

One day Andy and his wife Amy were looking for some old childhood photos. Andy found an old album that was full of photos.

Andy puts on his reading glasses, takes a candy wrapper, turns on a small lamp and starts remembering what an amazing and beautiful childhood he had.

After he looked at all the photos he remembered how he meet Amy. All of it happened in a forest that was recently cut off. They saw a very sad squirrel and asked her why she was so sad. She said that she lived in that forest and now she had nowhere else to live. Andy said she could live with him as his pet. Now Clare, the squirrel lives with them, Luke, the bear and Joe, the rabbit.

Andy explained that his brother gave him a map of a village and told him there was a crazy scientist who lived near the mountains in a cabin. They all decided to go and find that crazy scientists and scare him so he would somehow bring back the trees to the forest where Clare used to live. They found his cabin but first they had to put on some costumes to scare him. They found a chest full of old Halloween costumes in Amy’s attic. Andy dressed up as a dragon, Amy dressed up as an Indian girl, Luke was a pirate, Clare was a flying witch and Joe was a knight. The crazy scientist called Richard was so very scared. They asked him if he could make something so the trees in the forest would grow in a couple of weeks. Richard said that he could make a magic rain that would contain small magical seeds and that the trees would grow back in a couple of days. Richard did what they asked him to do. He was very proud of himself. The next day there was rain and when Clare saw the rain she was so excited. The next day nothing happened and Clare was disappointed. She still had hope for the next morning.

The next morning they were all so, so happy that the trees were in the forest and the forest was more beautiful than it was ever before.

Now they often visit the forest together knowing that some good deeds can repair any damage.

Manuela Mrvelj, 5.b

OŠ Jabukovac-Zagreb

mentor: dragana sanković matak

OŠ Jabukovac