Let's build a story!


by Dora Todorovac, grade 5


On a beautiful sunny spring day in an old village on a green island an old man named John is sitting in his chair and looking at his garden. He takes his dusty old photo album and starts looking at the old pictures. His childhood was very interesting and full of adventures. He was interested in Astronomy and Science from an early age. Looking at the photo in the album he remembered an event with an evil scientist. His name was Spooky Franky.

Once upon a time there was an evil scientist who tried to make the biggest building in the woods. He wanted to make his own town and to be a lifetime ruler of that town. There he would build the biggest building on the island.

He brought a lot of machines that were destroying all trees and plants on the biggest hill of the green island. Bears, foxes and many other poor animals lost their homes and had to find another place to live.

John and Sandy were playing outside on the hill and they ran into the animals who lost their homes in the beautiful nature. Together with the bear, the squirrel and the rabbit, they wanted to find out who destroyed the animals' homes.

John, Sandy, and the animal trio from the hill decided to find something among the old toys in the little old house that would help them in search of that evil person. Under the toys, at the bottom of a big old box they found a wrinkled piece of paper.

  1. was actually an old map that showed a way to a big castle which looked like a science laboratory. The kids had a long way to go. They had to cross a river and a mountain and sleep in a tent in order to find who the guilty man was.

John, Sandy and the animals made costumes which would scare away the evil man and make him stop doing bad things. They saw a smoke coming out of the castle on the hill and they hurried up to get there.

They slowly and quietly entered the castle. The kids and the animals began making scary noises. They lined up to make a terrifying shadow which looked like a giant monster. Instantly, the Spooky Franky was scared. They talked the Spooky Franky into stop doing evil things and to build a big garden for the animals. He immediately started building the garden, and the children and the animals happily left the castle.

The animals were thankful to Sandy and John and invited them to their new garden. There they played together and looked around animals’ new home.

Now the animals have their new and cosy home where they can live safely.


Dora Todorovac, 5.a



mentor: dragana sanković matak

OŠ Jabukovac