Let's build a story!


by Mark Glumičić, grade 5



Once upon a time, in a magic forest there lived a happy family with two kids, Josh and Katy. They had some very special friends from the forest: a bear called Ricky, a rabbit Johnny and a squirrel Liz.

They were playing tag, hopscotch and climbing trees. Josh and Katy were the only ones who knew that there was a secret treasure somewhere in the magic forest.

One sunny day their grandpa was going through the old family album filled with many nice memories. Suddenly, a map with some strange symbols fell out of the album.

He was very surprised. While looking at the map he noticed that something in this map seamed really familiar to him.

In the meantime a crazy scientist Jeff in his laboratory was trying to invent a super power potion for cleverness.

For the potion he needed some magic ingredients from the magic forest. He had already done some research where to look for them, the only thing that was missing was the map. The map was the key to find treasure with magic ingredients.

Since he didn’t have a map, he started cutting the trees from the magic forest to find the ingredients he needed . All animals became very upset and scared when they saw trucks destroying their homes.

Ricky, Johnny and Liz ran to Josh and Katy for help. They went to see what was going on. The view they saw was terrifying. They had to find out who was behind that. After three days of observing they found out that crazy Jeff was behind that.

So they made a plan how to scare him. Katy found old costumes in basement and she gave one to Josh, one to Liz, one to Ricky and one to Johnny.

Every night they went to scare Jeff in his laboratory. The more trees he cut, scarier they became. Jeff thought that all the animals from the forest were chasing him by night.

Finally he stopped destroying the magic forest.

Josh knew that Jeff was crazy but not so much of an evil. So they all went and talked to him to find out why he was doing that. He told them the reason.

Katy and Josh were very excited when they heard the reason was super-power-potion for cleverness. “ Yeah!!!”

They decided to help him find the treasure.

Grandpa saw that something was going on with Katy and Josh.

He was worried so he asked them if they needed some help. Katy told him about the plan. Then he remembered the map. The map was the answer for everything!

After hours and hours of searching they finally found the spot where the treasure was supposed to be. All of them were digging and digging until they found the chest. They were very excited to open the chest. Unfortunately there were no magic ingredients in the chest, just some toys.

Josh and Katy became very good friends with Jeff, they even planted some new trees and are still working on inventing super-power-potion for cleverness.






Mark Glumičić, 5.b



mentor: dragana sanković matak

OŠ Jabukovac