Let's build a story!


by Tia Ačimović, grade 8


One day a grandpa decided to read a story to his grandsons about animals and children trying to find a new home.

It all started when children and animals were preparing themselves for a masked ball.

They were leaving when they suddenly realised that something was not ordinary.

They went closer to their forest to see what was going on.

They saw that their home was completely devastated and they decided to find out who did it. They were angry and very sad.

When they reached laboratory, they saw a mad scientist with a lot of papers and plans.

Plans contained drafts of a new laboratory which was meant to be built at the place where once their forest had been.

They returned the next day to see if anything could be done. They saw that same mad, but very powerful, man holding a little bulb and realised that his evil plans had succeeded.

Children and animals decided to follow a map that would lead to a better, more peaceful place. They all went together towards that isolated forest.

After a few days of walking they saw with their binocular that they were near the end of their voyage. They ran fast looking forward to their new home.

They came to the new forest full of green plants and young trees. They were all happy and they decided to stay there for the rest of their lives.

mentor: dragana sanković matak

OŠ Jabukovac