Let's build a story!

Don't touch my home!

by Timoti Lisjak, grade 7

Once upon a time, on a clearing of a magical forest, the animals were living happily in harmony with the nature. One day, before the animals went to sleep, some people with strange machines came to their forest, cut off all the trees and destroyed the forest. The animals were so scared and sad that they started looking for a place that could become their new home to live peacefully.

They remembered that there is an old chest in the attic full of old toys and an ancient map that might be useful for the purpose.

Once they found what they were looking for, they were ready to start searching their new home.

In fear that people would  find and destroy the new forest, too, they asked their grandfather for help because he had always good ideas and was an expert in solving all kinds of problems. He took his old photo album and remembered all the things he loved to do when he was younger, and one of his greatest memories was that he was a scientist as a young man.

He invented many fantastic and useful things.

But he was afraid of shadows. For him the shadows were bad because they were dark and looked like ugly scary monsters.

So the grandfather told them that if the bad people came to their new forest, too, it should be enough to disguise themselves as ugly scary creatures and frighten them with their shadows.Willy, Molly, the Bear, the Bunny and the Squirrel thanked their grandfather and went to play in the new forest. After a couple of days, the bad people came to their new home, but the brave five friends disguised themselves as frightful monsters and with their shadows scared bad people by telling them “Don't touch my home!“.

In the end, the Bear, the Bunny, the Squirrel and Willy and Molly could play happily in the forest without fear that the bad people would ever come back again.

mentor: Nataša Kostić Barbo

OŠ Edmondo De Amicis